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Managing your Company Roster

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As an SSPC Organizational Member you have the ability to maintain a roster of employees who are all individual members under your organization. These employees are considered Organizational Member Individual Members, (OMIMs) and the total amount you have available depends on your membership level. These individuals have unlimited access to the SSPC library of technical documents and standards, receive discounts on SSPC publications and training courses, and receive all of the other great benefits of membership.

The Organization’s official representatives have the ability to manage the company roster by adding and removing individuals. This can be done by following the steps below:

1. Login to your profile at the SSPC homepage  

2. Select “Company Roster” on the left-hand side 

3. View your roster in its entirety and remove individuals under “Roster Management” or add new individuals under the “Add to Roster” tab.

4. TO ADD: If someone already has a customer account with SSPC, select “edit” next to the individual’s name and check the OMIM box

5. Click ‘save’ to provide them with membership.

 6. TO ADD: If you need to add someone who is not currently listed on your roster (such as someone who has never had an account with SSPC), you would fill out the form under “Add To Roster” 

7. Provide us with their First and Last Name, Company Name, Email, and phone number. 

8. This will be submitted to SSPC staff and they will be added to your roster immediately. (Please note that ALL individuals must maintain a unique email address with SSPC in order to log in)

9. You will see their end date will be set to match that of the organization, and their membership status will also change. If you go over your allotted number of OMIM’s, adding additional persons on this page or the “Add to Roster” tab will remove 1 flex point per individual from your allotment.

10. TO REMOVE: select ‘edit’ next to the individual’s name and uncheck the OMIM box

11. Click ‘save’ to remove their membership from your roster

12. You will see that their end date will be set to the date they were removed from your roster, and their membership status will also change. 

If you have any questions about managing your organizational roster or getting the most out of your benefits, please contact Nathan Wyman our Organization Membership Specialist at or at 412-281-2331 x 223


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