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New SSPC Standard: Guide 24 Soluble Salt Testing Frequency and Locations on New Steel Surfaces

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Steel can become contaminated with soluble salts in many way during shipping, storage in laydown areas, and erection/installation. Owners, specifiers, inspectors, and contractors can use this Guide to help determine logical locations on steel components and assembled structures where tests should be made, as well as the minimum number of tests that may be required to determine if the amount of soluble salt contamination is below project-specified limits.

This Guide will assist owners and specifiers who need to determine the quantity and location of tests to measure soluble salt levels, either on previously uncoated ("new") steel prior to application of a protective coating system, or on shop-coated steel that will subsequently receive additional coatings to complete a protective coating system. The Guide includes recommendations for reducing the number of tests if initial results indicate soluble salt levels are in compliance with project requirements.

Guide 24 can be downloaded here.

Committee Name: C.2.12, Salt Contamination Measurements
Committee Chair Name and Company: Patrick R. Nau, Bechtel Corporation


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