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The Sprayfoam 2018 Show is Coming

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With the busy convention and trade show season of the spring, it’s never too early to start planning your attendance at the Sprayfoam Show – SPFA’s Annual Convention and Expo! SPFA will be hosting the show for a growing and engaged number of attendees at the downtown Mobile, Alabama Convention Center, January 29 – February 1, 2018.

Attendance at the show has increased consistently, driven in part by the geographic annual rotation of the event. "Each year we travel with the show from west to central to eastern locations in an effort to bring the best information, news, education, product innovations, social networking events and more for the SPF industry to accommodate our members and industry professionals," said Michele Riesenberg, SPFA Director of Convention Services. "Every year the Convention Planning Committee members and staff work hard to try something new, bring new value, keep the show fresh and maintain our spot as a central hub-event for the industry that needs the best information because things change so quickly for them."

Having completed an exceptional and successful event in Palm Springs, California in 2017, the show now moves to its central location, typically the highest-attended location of all shows as it pulls a great number of attendees from all three US geographic locations and a growing representation of international interests. Historically "central" meant Texas, and that state has always been good to SPFA, but locations can become repetitive. For 2018 the Sprayfoam Show will be in a new exciting location – Mobile Alabama. Attendees will benefit from a very large, dedicated convention center located in the heart of downtown along the Mobile River and access to a number of attractions unavailable anywhere else in the country. 

Ms. Riesenberg states, "Our job is to put together all the elements of a show that will bring the biggest bang for the buck for our people, and Mobile was the place that made that happen this time. I think people appreciate that. The Convention Visitor’s Bureau bent over backwards to make every accommodation, the hotels are great and came in with historically low room-rates so we can pass savings on to our attendees – maybe meaning they’ll bring more of their folks to the event – and the area is rich with restaurant and bar options all within walking distance. Plus, many people don’t know that Mobile is the birthplace of Mardi Gras and those activities will be just starting to kick off while we are there! The Committee members are very excited to host the best Sprayfoam Show ever."

"With the changing landscape of business, government, regulations, technical and product information there just isn’t another option better than the show for time-pressed SPF industry professionals looking to get all the information they want in one place, along with an opportunity to see how others handle their businesses and issues, and develop a national network of like-minded pros dealing with the same opportunities and challenges to grow their business," said Todd Henderson of Henderson Johnson Company, Convention Committee Planning Chairman.

Mobile has three airports within driving distance of downtown, providing a variety of travel options. SPFA has secured discounted rooming blocks at the two largest hotels downtown, both sitting across the street from the Convention Center, and organizers are expecting typically great weather for the outdoor SPFA PCP Certification Field Exams, along with the annual golf tournament. 

Attendees can expect a great experience delivering topical educational sessions oriented to insulation and roofing contractor, manufacturer and general business interests. The exhibit hall features over 35,000 sqft of exhibitors, providing access to the latest SPF technology, materials and equipment innovations in one location; the industry will once again celebrate the accomplishments of the best projects during the Annual Contractor Excellence Awards Luncheon; SPF pros looking to complete their SPFA Professional Certification Program (PCP) will have the opportunity to take PCP Written and Field Exams; and there will be over a dozen SPFA and industry-sponsored social networking events where attendees can share their wealth of knowledge and experiences around the most common challenges and opportunities with their peers.

"Since the PCP program’s inception, members have come together to make the program elements at the show more accessible and affordable by assembling all of the materials, equipment and an army of volunteers to serve candidates," said Ms. Marcavage, SPFA certification director. "In 2017 we performed more Field Exams than any of the previous shows combined due to the commitment and generosity of the sponsors, and of course because of the growing interest and recognition of the PCP program around the country among professional contractors looking to distinguish their services. We are looking forward to another banner event for PCP!"

The Sprayfoam Show is also a great chance for existing service, material and equipment supplier companies in the industry to show their leadership through participation, and for new and emerging companies to see their competition as they get the lay of the land in this growing market.

"This event is also the best and frankly only SPF-focused annual forum in the world for our sponsors and exhibitors to show their commitment to the industry and its organization by supporting so much of the delivery and content," added Kurt Riesenberg, executive director of SPFA. "Every part of the show depends upon every other part of the show for us to realize success and build an event that consistently exceeds expectations of our expanding community. We all take it as a great responsibility and promise to focus upon the things that will allow people to make the most of their time and expense for coming. It’s a formula that has worked and that we stick to, generating over 200 percent growth in the show over the past decade."

More information about the Sprayfoam Show, hotel options, registration, session tracks and more will be appearing on the SPFA website www.sprayfoam.org/expo in the coming weeks, be sure to plan your participation early as hotels typically sell-out late-summer to early-fall.

About Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA)
Founded in 1987, the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) is the voice, and educational and technical resource for the spray polyurethane foam industry. The Alliance is a 501(c)6 trade association composed of contractors, manufacturers and distributors of polyurethane foam, related equipment, protective coatings, inspections, surface preparations and other services. The organization supports the best practices and the growth of the industry through a number of core initiatives, which include educational programs and events, the SPFA Professional Certification Program, technical literature and guidelines, legislative advocacy, research and networking opportunities.

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