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We are looking forward to gathering with many of our SCAPA Members next weekend for the 2021 SCAPA Summer Conference. The conference is being held at the Inn on Biltmore nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, NC. This will be the first in-person event SCAPA has held since the Winter Conference in 2020. 
SCAPA Summer Conferences are a special time for SCAPA Members to gather in a casual, fun environment and connect with each other. Members get to visit with long-time friends and also have the opportunity to build relationships with new members. Without SCAPA Members that step up to Sponsor, we wouldn't be able to put on the top-notch events that our members have come to expect. That is why it is so important to recognize them and show our appreciation. We hope you, too, will take the time to reach out to the SCAPA Summer Conference Sponsors and say thank you!
The Perpetual Pavement Award (PPA) was established in 2001 by the Asphalt Pavement Alliance (APA) to honor asphalt pavements that have been designed and built with outstanding care and exceptional quality. The APA announced that SCDOT is worthy of this prestigous award for work done on a 6-mile stretch of Interstate 26 in Berkeley County, which was constructed in 1962. This is SCDOT's ninth Perpetual Pavement Award.
SCAPA is looking for a few members to be a part of planning the 2022 SCAPA Winter Conference. The conference is currently scheduled to be held February 9-10, 2022 at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center in downtown Columbia, SC. In an effort to ensure we have the highest-quality presentations and speakers, we are seeking volunteers to serve on the 2022 SCAPA Winter Conference Planning Committee.
SCAPA received a BEST in Business Award for the Event Mobile App. The award was presented by the South Carolina Society of Executive Association Executives (SCSAE) at their annual Awards Luncheon held in Spartanburg, SC on May 27.
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Q & A with Ray Mothershead, Plant Operations Division Manager, Palmetto Corp: Like his father and uncle before him, Ray Mothershead planned on going into the towing business, and eventually owning his own towing company. But his path changed when he was 17 years old and his (then) girlfriend’s father offered him a job cleaning around the asphalt plant where he worked. That job sparked a passion for the asphalt industry that has stuck with Ray through his successful 30+ years career.
WofA releases the first in a four-part video series entitled Women in the Field: The Women Who Build America's Roads, showcasing women from across the country who are building America's infrastructure. Each five-minute video features engaging and insightful interviews with a few of these inspiring women.

In the first video, Roller Operators Beth Oyster and Renee Aguis-Chanfrante from Ajax Paving in Ft. Myers, FL share why and how they entered the asphalt industry, why the industry is a perfect fit for them, and some of their unique experiences being females in a predominately male-dominated career.
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As AASHTO is no longer supporting the DARWin software and 1993 Design Guide, many agencies are grappling with how best to make the transition from their existing methodology into M‐E or perpetual pavement design. 
This challenge is magnified by the fact that there is a wide range of agency‐specific design methods currently in use across the U.S. Therefore, there is no single set of steps for every agency to use for implementation.
Recognizing the need for implementation guidance, the FHWA formed a Design Guide Implementation Team (DGIT).
Time: July 22, 2021 - 2:00 PM ET
Description: A key to building a successful asphalt paving project is to utilize a quality bid package. Vague bid packages result in higher prices, job site conflicts and the possibility of unmet owner’s expectations. This webinar enables attendees to produce bid packages that ensure best pricing and a project delivered on time, on budget, and as planned.
Attendees' key takeaways:
  1) Understand the importance of advertisement, award and contract execution.
  2) How to develop key provisions to protect the owner and insure bidding by qualified contractors.
  3) Best practices to develop a detailed bid item list.
Time: August 18, 2021 - 2:00 PM
Description: This webinar will help parking lot owners and engineers understand how to evaluate asphalt parking lots through proven assessment methods. Owners will also learn to distinguish different types of distresses and understand various solutions for maintenance and repair.
Top Three Takeaways for attendees:
• Understand pavement life cycle and review condition assessment methods.
• Recognize different types of asphalt pavement distresses.
• Understand options for maintenance and repair based on the pavement condition and distresses.
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