See the Joint Workforce Safety Plan for COVID-19 Currently Being Used on All SCDOT Projects

In case you missed it in last month's issue of Paving the Way, here it is again.

This important resource was created in an effort to address and stop the impact of COVID-19 within the transportation industry. SCAPA worked with the SCDOT, ACEC-SC, FHWA and Carolinas AGC to create the plan. The Joint Workforce Safety Plan for COVID-19 was adopted on March 23 and is currently being used on all SCDOT projects. During this emergency health crisis, SCDOT will continue to work on mission-critical projects, including roads and bridges, for as long as possible. SCAPA is grateful to have been able to join efforts with our partners to put this plan together within just a matter of days and to bring South Carolina to the forefront in this regard.
To see the joint workforce safety document from SCDOT, FHWA, SCAPA, CAGC and ACEC explaining the efforts the transportation industry is taking to stop the spread of COVID-19, please Click Here.