SCAPA/SCDOT Host Successful Partners in Quality Program!

SCAPA and SCDOT hosted a successful 2016 Partners in Quality (PIQ) program. This was the fourth year of PIQ, which began in 2013. The PIQ program is dedicated to quality asphalt paving and is held in each of the seven SCDOT districts across the state. Both SCAPA contractors and SCDOT officials attended the meetings. 

During the meetings, participants discussed updates to SCDOT specifications, reviewed best management practices on full depth patching and discussed commons issues across the state in order to achieve quality asphalt pavements. Finally, attendees were given a preview of the 2015 SCAPA Quality Pavement Awards submissions. The winning projects will be announced at the 2016 SCAPA Winter Conference on February 23rd. 

We appreciate everyone who attended the meetings in each district and look forward to hosting another successful program in 2017.  

PIQ District 5, Florence, SC