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Canadian retail sales statistics for September 2022 are now available for both motorized and towable recreational vehicles. These statistics will allow dealers to better manage the inventory on their lot by knowing which units are selling in their area, which price points are attracting buyers as well as knowing the local trends affecting their marketplace.
Canadian winters are some of the harshest around with extreme cold, blizzards, accumulated snow, and ice. As business owners, it’s important that your members maintain their property, their vehicle, and company fleet to help protect the safety of others.
This year there were some major external factors driving changes in the travel space, including COVID-19, rising gas prices, and inflation, according to KOA’s November 2022 Camping Report. KOA research found that more than three-in-ten campers camped more in 2022 by decreasing other travel options. Others modified their trips to travel closer to home, stayed at one destination longer, and/or spent less money while on their trips.
The RV Industry Association's brand-new Leadership Conference will take place March 15-18, 2023, in Phoenix, Arizona. The conference, designed and supported by the Association’s Emerging Leaders Coalition, will bring together top-level management as well as next generation leaders from RV industry manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, and campgrounds.
If you have any information regarding these stolen RV please contact the RCMP or the owner immediately.
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