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Following last year’s forced cancellation because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hall of Fame President Darryl Searer said he and his team are happy to once again welcome friends, family and the RV and MH communities back to Elkhart, Ind.
Reservations are now being accepted for the RV/MH Hall of Fame Induction Dinner, which will be Monday, Aug. 16. (Click on the link to RSVP)
Even after experiencing delays in new unit deliveries, half of the rental dealers surveyed by the RV Rental Association (RVRA) this spring will have bigger rental fleets than last year, and another 25 percent will have rental fleets the same size this year as last.
However, because most of the dealers with bigger rental fleets added only a few more units, while 25 percent subtracted units, the combined rental fleet of dealers surveyed will only be two percent larger this year than in 2020.
Transport Canada is seeking input on an informal consultation document regarding Recall Information for Canadians. This document includes proposed amendments that would require and standardize information about safety recalls that companies make available online. 
More specifically, as it relates to the RV industry, any company, as defined by the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Act, that manufactures, imports, or distributes vehicles, and all companies that manufacture, import, or distribute equipment would be required to publish standardized safety recall information online in both English and French.
The RV Tech Week is celebrated annually from June 1st through 8th to bring more awareness to the RV Service Technician trade and how their work contributes to enabling more Canadians to enjoy the great outdoors in their RVs. Throughout the RV Tech Week, we will take everyone on a journey to learn about the skills and competencies needed, as well as what attracted many aspiring men and women to choose this trad
Learn more about the theme for 2021 RV Tech Week and how you can get involved. There are several ways, including social templates to get you started.
See About RV Tech Week to learn how you can promote your RV Service Technicians!
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As an RV Dealer, you face a number of unique risks each day. To help protect your business from those risks, Federated Insurance offers customized commercial insurance tailored to your industry. As a proud member of the Recreation Vehicles Dealers Association of Canada, you can count on Federated Insurance for comprehensive coverages, competitive pricing, and responsive customer service.
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Your Warranty Team
Your Warranty Team