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Canadians elected a minority government led by Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party. They sent a clear message that no party earned enough public trust to get a full mandate for the future of Canada.
The RVDA of Canada is pleased to announce that it has formed a new endorsement partnership with DT Tire and Atlas Tire Wholesale.  DT Tire and Atlas Tire Wholesale are prominent figures in Canada’s independent tire distribution market.
We want you! We also want all your friends in the industry too! 
RVWA is holding a membership drive during the month of October.  All new members that join and list you as the person who referred them will help you earn an entry into a drawing for a $150 Amazon Gift Card. 
Northpoint Commercial Finance
When you are considering floorplan financing to meet the needs of your RV business, we believe unparalleled customer service is just as important as quick credit decisions. Our experienced team will take the time to work with you and offer programs with flexible terms and increased purchasing power. All so you can keep the sales rolling — and your profits growing.
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