Revised Canadian RV Standard in Alignment with US

Canada is the largest market for exporting American-built RVs. Recent revisions to the Canadian RV Standard, Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Z240, have reduced trade barriers between the U.S. and its northern neighbor. The RVIA, Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association and RVDA of Canada have been working for years to synchronize  the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1192 and CSA Z240.

One of the last barriers between the two standards was the CSA Z240 requirement to use CSA listed wire. The NFPA 1192 accepts either U.S. or Canadian CSA listed wire. Updates to the CSA Z240 standard allows the use of either CSA listed or U.S. listed wire made of non-metallic sheathed cable.

U.S. RV manufacturers can now source and stock a single type of wire.

“Making it easier for our members to conduct business, while maintaining a high level of safety, is integral to the work of our standards team,” RVIA Senior Director of Standards Kent Perkins said. “This is great progress for the industry, and I am thankful for the work of Shane Devenish, Lauro Pilla of CSA and the entire CSA Z240 Technical Committee on RVs.”

CRVA President Shane Devenish said, “The synchronization of the U.S. and Canadian RV standards is something we have been working on for as long as I have been at CRVA and it is exciting to have accomplished this last major step towards synchronization. Both standards have very high safety requirements and this latest update prioritizes safety while also making it easier for companies in our two countries to do business together.”

The only remaining technical difference between the two RV standards is the requirements for French and English warning labels in the CSA Z240 standard.

For more information on the CSA amendments, click here.


Source: News excerpts from RV News