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Mr. David Allison, Valuegraphics Pioneer is RVDA of Canada Annual Meeting featured Speaker

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Please join the RVDA of Canada for this annual assembly, sponsored by iA-SAL/iA-VAG (Industrial Alliance),as we give a brief report on current association activities and programs.

 This year, we will feature David Allison, a marketing expert, author, and pioneer of Valuegraphics.

David Allison’s research has led to a discovery that will change the way you work and the way you think about the world. Data from a staggering 40,000 surveys proves that demographics are dead, and that shared values, or Valuegraphics, are a far more powerful way to motivatetarget markets. Valuegraphics disprove outdated ideas about age, income, and gender, and will multiply the effectiveness of every marketing dollar by as much as 700 percent. Allison helps businesses replace guesswork with research and science, transforming disruptive change into welcome opportunity.

 Allison’s passion for his work and his decades of experience in dozens of industry categories make his fast-paced and energizing TEDstyle keynote presentations fascinating from start to finish. One national event organizer referred to him as “the kind of speaker audiences could listen to all day.” As the principal advisor at David Allison Inc., he uses Valuegraphics to show organizations across disciplines and departments how to use shared human values to engage audiences more effectively.

He and Douglas Coupland are partners in Global Treefort Ltd., a global creativity think tank that works with large corporate brands. He also is the director of brand strategy for Meyler Capital, an advisory group focused on the alternative investment industry, with offices in Vancouver and New York.

It’s safe to say he is a trusted advisor and partner to complex organizations around the world, but his leadership background gives him an added perspective.


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