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Industry Information
A proposed transmission line that would bring power from wind-rich Iowa into the demand-heavy Chicago region is facing up to three years of delay caused by congestion in the regional grid operator's interconnection queue.

Visit https://www.utilitydive.com/news/transmission-developer-files-complaint-with-ferc-against-pjms-catch-22-o/602686/ to view the full article online.

The heat wave that spread across the Pacific Northwest over the weekend, leaving utilities racing to alert customers and prepare their systems, is an indication that the region's power sector will need to take a closer look at their reliability planning, experts say.

Visit https://www.utilitydive.com/news/pacific-northwest-heatwave-utilities-grid-planning/602696/ to view the full article online.

Drax Group is seeking planning permission to build a new 600-MW underground pumped hydro storage power station at its 440-MW Cruachan facility in Scotland, which would more than double the site’s electricity generating capacity.

Visit https://www.hydroreview.com/hydro-industry-news/drax-seeking-planning-permission-to-add-pumped-storage-at-440-mw-cruachan-facility/ to view the full article online.

As individual states across the U.S. work towards increasingly ambitious net zero emissions targets, the logistics of how these targets can be achieved and where investment should be made is at the forefront of decision-makers’ minds.

Visit https://www.renewableenergyworld.com/storage/charging-forward-with-the-ev-revolution-in-the-us/ to view the full article online.

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management (FECM) announced $8 million in federal funding for four projects to develop and test technologies that capture and utilize carbon dioxide (CO2) from power systems or other industrial sources to create valuable products and services, biomass and bi-products. 

Visit https://www.energy.gov/fe/articles/department-energy-invests-8-million-projects-develop-algae-based-technologies-capture to view the full article online.

Primary energy consumption totaled 93 quadrillion British thermal units (quads) in the United States in 2020, or 7 quads less than in 2019. Fossil fuels—petroleum, natural gas, and coal—accounted for 79% of total U.S. energy consumption in 2020.

Visit https://www.eia.gov/todayinenergy/detail.php?id=48576 to view the full article online.

To protect and meet the energy needs of each of its 16 million customers and enhance the energy systems they depend on every day, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is proposing a series of crucial safety, resiliency and clean energy investments in its 2023 General Rate Case (GRC). 

Visit https://www.bloomberg.com/press-releases/2021-06-30/to-meet-the-evolving-needs-of-its-16-million-customers-pg-e-proposes-critical-investments-to-reduce-wildfire-risk-enhance to view the full article online.

According to a press release issued by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), a deceptively simple sensor system that the lab developed can prevent dangerous conditions from developing in outdoor battery cabinets.

Visit https://www.power-grid.com/der-grid-edge/pnnl-announces-deceptively-simple-innovation-to-make-battery-storage-projects-safer/ to view the full article online.

Crews have started work installing the first energy storage battery units at Florida Power & Light’s massive Manatee Energy Storage Center.

Visit https://www.power-eng.com/energy-storage/fpls-900-mwh-energy-storage-projects-receives-first-battery-unit-installations/ to view the full article online.

The U.K. will cease all coal-fired electricity generation in October 2024, bringing forward the end date for the fuel by a year, in a bid to boost the country’s climate credentials ahead of an all-important climate summit in November. 

Visit https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidrvetter/2021/06/30/uk-to-end-all-coal-power-in-2024-accelerating-emissions-goal/?sh=67ed538a3129 to view the full article online.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation began a multiyear effort to increase capacity and improve the safety of the interchange. As a result, two of the electric transmission and distribution tunnels needed to be increased in length.

Visit https://www.tdworld.com/intelligent-undergrounding/installation-techniques/media-gallery/21168619/nontraditional-modifications-to-electric-infrastructure to view the full article online.

Member Announcements
With more energy-saving technology available than ever before, Arizona Public Service Co. (APS) is poised to add new smart customer products to its already comprehensive customer energy efficiency and demand-side management program portfolio. 

Visit https://www.aps.com/en/About/Our-Company/Newsroom/Articles/APS-RFP-seeks-innovative-demand-side-resources-to-accelerate-carbon-free-commitment to view the full article online.

N-7 LLC (N-7), a joint venture between OCI and Dakota Gasification Company, announces that effective July 1, David Schramm will assume the position of executive chairman of N-7’s board of directors until he retires from the company in February. John Ringkob will succeed Schramm as president.

Visit https://www.basinelectric.com/News-Center/news-briefs/Schramm,-Ringkob-assume-leadership-positions-at-N-7 to view the full article online.

El Paso Electric’s (EPE) Summer College Internship Program is officially in session. 

Visit https://www.epelectric.com/company/news/el-paso-electric-10th-annual-summer-college-internship-is-officially-in-session to view the full article online.

LES joined the Electric Power Research Institute, or EPRI, as it hosts the second annual online Pollinator Power Party June 21-25. 

Visit https://www.les.com/company/news/les-joins-epri-other-utilities-celebrate-pollinators-june-21-25 to view the full article online.

Nebraska Public Power District partnered with the city of Norfolk for a ribbon cutting event. The ribbon cutting kicked off the availability of Norfolk’s first ChargePoint DC fast charger, located on the east side of main street.  

Visit https://www.nppd.com/press-releases/norfolk-hosts-ribbon-cutting-for-new-electric-vehicle-charging-station to view the full article online.

After 24 years of service to Omaha Public Power District, Timothy J. Burke attended his last monthly board meeting as president and CEO.

Visit https://www.oppd.com/news-resources/news-releases/2021/june/oppd-board-honors-burke-s-24-years-of-service-to-utility/ to view the full article online.

Nearly 3,250 megawatts of new, low-cost clean energy resources including solar, wind, batteries and transmission to interconnect those resources to PacifiCorp’s multi-state grid, could join PacifiCorp’s rapidly decarbonizing system by 2024. 

Visit https://www.pacificorp.com/about/newsroom/news-releases/shortlist-submitted-as-part-of-largest-ever-renewables-solicitation.html to view the full article online.

Platte River Power Authority used a low-flying helicopter to conduct an infrared scan of its electrical substations and transmission lines from approximately 8 a.m. until late afternoon on July 1. 

Visit https://www.prpa.org/news-releases/helicopter-to-scan-transmission-system-3/ to view the full article online.

Even with working from home and a busy household, signing up for SRP’s Time-of-Use Price Plan seemed like a good way to save money. 

Visit https://media.srpnet.com/customers-find-summer-savings-with-srps-time-of-use-and-ez-3-price-plans/ to view the full article online.

Fitch Ratings reaffirmed Tri-State’s long-term issuer rating at A- and short-term rating at F1. Fitch also maintained Tri-State’s ratings outlook at Stable.

Visit https://tristate.coop/fitchratings-reaffirms-tri-states-financial-ratings-and-outlook to view the full article online.

“Smart” programmable thermostats have helped many people reduce their electric bills. But fresh out of the box, even smart thermostats need some help from their owners. 

Visit https://www.tep.com/news/using-smart-thermostats-with-tou-plans/ to view the full article online.

The survey will provide a snapshot of the current culture. It will also identify gaps and shape future initiatives by pinpointing opportunities to promote the health of WAPA's security culture.

Visit https://www.wapa.gov/newsroom/NewsFeatures/2021/Pages/OSEM,-Strategy-partner-to-enhance-security-culture.aspx to view the full article online.

Xcel Energy announced it is proposing an alternate energy plan (also known as an integrated resource plan) for the Upper Midwest that enhances the company’s commitment to dramatic reductions in carbon emissions from the electricity it provides customers while ensuring continued reliability and affordability.

Visit https://www.xcelenergy.com/company/media_room/news_releases/xcel_energy_proposes_alternate_option_for_industry-leading_carbon_reductions to view the full article online.

White Paper
A team of scientists led by Drs. Shinji Kawasaki and Yosuke Ishii from Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan, has been at the forefront of efforts to achieve efficient solar-energy-assisted CO2 reduction. Their recent breakthrough is published in Nature's Scientific Reports.

Visit https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2021/06/210621104245.htm to view the full article online.