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Unified Business Community Issues Statement on SB 253 (Wiener)

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The statewide and regional business community has united once again to oppose SB 253 (Wiener), which will hurt businesses of all sizes, reduce investments in California, and stifle well-paying job creation. Below is a statement signed by many business councils and associations.

“The business community remains committed to reducing carbon emissions and continues to lead in investing in and building the technologies that will help the state meet its climate goals. However, if this year’s proposal is similar to last year’s, as Senator Wiener indicated today, the business community will be unified in our opposition, particularly if it includes Scope 3 emissions, which places an undue burden on small- and medium-sized businesses.

“There is no public database of emission factors used by companies to estimate GHG emissions. In fact, there are hundreds of possible sources, not all agreed-upon by business and academic leaders, and many have different levels of granularity and accuracy. As such, emissions disclosure, especially in Scope 3, will likely be incomplete, inaccurate, and inconsistent, possibly leading to misleading results. This is counterproductive and will not contribute to meeting climate goals.  At the same time, a proposal similar to last year’s SB 260 would cost the state millions each year to implement, at a time when California is warning of ongoing revenue reductions. If SB 253 -- the proposal announced today -- is virtually the same as last year’s SB 260, it will create a new and significant cost burden to businesses. As such, the business community will remain united in its opposition to such a measure.”

The joint statement was signed by:
• California Business Roundtable
• California Chamber of Commerce
• California Retailers Association
• California Manufacturers & Technology Association
• California Business Properties Association
• National Federation of Independent Business, California
• Southern California Leadership Council
• Bay Area Council
• Los Angeles County Business Federation
• California Building Industry Association
• Inland Empire Economic Partnership
• Orange County Business Council
• Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

California Business Roundtable


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