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CRA 75th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee (1946-2021)

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Thank you to all who take time to participate in our surveys. CRA uses the information we gather to better serve you. If you have an idea for a survey for CRA members, please send your request to CRA at This month, we asked members for their feedback about how to celebrate CRA's upcoming 75th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee in 2021.

1. What type of business do you have?
General Rental: 18 responses
Party Rental: 7 responses
Both: 8 responses
Vendor: 21 responses

2. Were you aware the CRA would be 75 years old in 2021?
Yes: 26 responses
No: 29 responses

3. Is this something you would be interested in attending?
Yes: 32 responses
No: 1 response
Maybe: 12 responses

4. What do you think we should have at the party?
A Big Cake: 29 responses
Music: 32 responses
Dancing: 14 responses
Other: 14 responses
• Tiered recognition for long term members (40, 50, 60 years?)
• Speeches from long term members
• Raffle
• Video of member interviews
• Honor all the OLD members that are still ALIVE
• A juggler, clown and/or balloon artist
• Retro-style
• A semi formal dinner with a large screen of ld pictures rolling through
• A brief history and a couple of short stories
• Beer and Chicks
• Food
• Dinner
• Anything that show history of CRA
• Slide show with accomplishments over the years

5. Do you have any other ideas on how CRA can celebrate the Diamond Jubilee?
Coffee Table Book: 12 responses
Special Magazine Issue: 24 responses
Other: 12 responses
• Create commemorative merchandise (pins, pens, mugs, bags, keychains)
• Make a limited time offer for discount on memberships
• Send Thank you card to members
• Post on Social Media
• Make donations to charitable causes that members car about
• Photo history with large memorable pictures from years gone by
• Yearbook
• A three day Gala weekend celebration in exotic local
• Honor members
•  Cool giveaway
• Multi-fold with specific photos of events, equipment,  and past presidents

6. Comments regarding celebrating CRA’s Diamond Jubilee:
• Have a GREAT Time enjoy your CALIF. DIAMOND JUBILEE!
• Perhaps a display of a few pieces of restored 75 year old equipment
• Special honors for key figures in CRA history
• A classy dinner and maybe bring in some entertainment to our dinner hall
• Try to visit all CRA Rental Centers get updated photos and look over all new equipment for 2020 that we are all renting to General Public and Contractors!
• Throw a nice Party!
• Congratulations!
• Location, Location, Location

7. Do you have any stories or antidotes to share?
Yes: 7 responses
No: 29 responses

8. Do you have any pictures you could share?
Yes: 10 responses<
No: 25 responses

9. Would you be willing to help in the planning?
Yes: 18 responses
No: 19 responses

10. Comments regarding contributions and participation?
• Also Robert Pedersen w/A Tool Shed. I’m sure that he has family photos that he could share. Also this year (2020) is A Tool Shed’s 75th year.
• Helped with the 60th.
• Is this part of the trade show or a separate event?
• Let me know
• Would love to come to a CRA celebration! Would be happy to buy a ticket. Something fancy would be fun.
• I would love to help but being in Iowa and my travel schedule, I don’t think it would work. Also I am a supplier.


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