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Drivers – BIT PULL Programs

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Thank you to all those who take time to participate in our surveys. CRA utilizes the information we gather to better serve you. If you have an idea for a survey for CRA members, please send your request to CRA at This month, we surveyed members about their drivers and Bit Pull programs.
1. What type of rental business do you have?
General Rental: 46% (11 responses)
Party Rental: 33% (8 responses)
Both: 21% (5 responses)

2. Do you drug test your employees?
Yes: 35% (8 responses)
No: 43% (10 responses)
Other, please specify: (22% 5 responses)
1. If an accident occurs.
2. Just the drivers.
3. Drivers.
4. Commercial drivers only.
5. Pre-employment and also if involved in an accident.

3. Who do you have enrolled in the BIT PULL programs?
Class A Drivers Only (8 respondents):
BIT Program: 88% (7 responses) PULL Program: 88% (7 responses)
All Drivers (4 respondents):
BIT Program: 50% (2 responses) PULL Program: 50% (2 responses)
All Employees (3 respondents):
BIT Program: 67% (2 responses) PULL Program: 33% (1 response)
Other, please specify:
1. We are contemplating adding all drivers into the pull program.

4. How is your consortium handled?
Screening Service: 100% (11 responses)
In-House: 0% (0 responses)

5. When do you do drug testing?
Pre-Employment (10 respondents):
Yes: 100% (10 responses) No: 0% (0 responses)
Vehicle Accident (10 respondents):
Yes: 90% (9 responses) No: 10% (1 response)
Any Accident (6 respondents):
Yes: 83% (5 responses) No: 17% (1 response)
Random Testing (7 respondents):
Yes: 57% (4 responses) No: 43% (3 responses)
Other, please specify:
1. I am retired from the rental business, but both of the companies I was affiliated with do drug testing. My answers are missing because they are not current. I respond to let you know I am both participating and interested.
2. Accidents: If there is an injury or the vehicle is towed.
3. When suspicious in an accident we will test.

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