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Information for Compliance with CARB Off-Road Regulation

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The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is sending this courtesy information to fleets that have reported to CARB under the "Regulation for In-Use Off-Road Diesel-Fueled Fleets" (Off-Road Regulation). Included in this notification are upcoming deadlines and action items to assist with compliance of the Off-Road Regulation. CARB is anticipating high correspondence volumes during the 2019 reporting period (January 1 through March 1). A high volume of calls and emails will result in a longer waiting period for return calls and emails, and longer form processing times. We strongly encourage you to contact us before December 14, 2018 for help with accessing your account or questions regarding reporting and compliance requirements.


The Off-Road Regulation requires all fleets to report and maintain valid contact information. Please log into DOORS, the on-line reporting tool for the Off-Road Regulation,to verify and update your contact information. If you are the fleet contact and need your DOORS username or password, we can provide your username and password over the phone or send it to the email address we have on file. Contact us by calling the DOORS Hotline at (877) 59-DOORS [(877) 593-6677] or by sending us an e-mail. Please do not create a new fleet. If the fleet contact is no longer with your company, you will need to update your contact information and request a new username and password by submitting the Changing Contact Information form


All fleets must meet the fleet average requirements of the Off-Road Regulation before January 1, 2019 or demonstrate that it has met the Best Available Control Technology (BACT) requirements prior to January 1, 2019. Fleets generate BACT credits through equipment turnover, engine repower, or installation of an exhaust retrofit. The BACT rate for all fleets is 10 percent of total maximum horsepower as reported on the previous reporting date. The BACT FAQ is available on our website. 

ANNUAL REPORTING DUE BY MARCH 1, 2019 [section 2449(g)(2)]

All fleets must submit their annual report between January 1 and March 1, 2019. Fleets are encouraged to submit their Responsible Official Affirmation of Reporting (ROAR) forms electronically in DOORS (e-ROAR). The e-ROAR includes a checklist to ensure submittal of all required annual reporting information. Fleets who submit their e-ROAR will not be subject to the processing time for hardcopy forms and will receive instant access to their updated compliance calculations available on the DOORS Compliance Snapshot.

To complete annual reporting, fleets must log into DOORS on or after January 1, 2019, and report any changes made to the fleet in 2018. Enter engine hour meter readings for the 2018 calendar year on the "Low-Use" webpage, report engine hour meter readings for vehicles used for agricultural operations 51-99% of the time by submitting the Hour Meter Reading Log for Vehicles Designated as Agricultural form, and submit the e-ROAR. Fleets who submit their e-ROAR will automatically receive updated Compliance Certificates on March 1, 2019 in their DOORS account. 

For more information on the annual reporting requirements of the Off-Road Regulation, please review the ROAR and Annual Reporting FAQ. If you would like additional guidance on how to submit an annual report or e-ROAR, please review the DOORS User Guide How to Submit an Annual Report & ElectronicROAR. Hardcopy forms are available in the Off-Road Regulation Knowledge Center

The Off-Road Regulation currently prohibits small fleets from adding Tier 0 and Tier 1 engines to their fleet.  The Off-Road Regulation currently prohibits medium and large fleets from adding Tier 0, Tier 1, and Tier 2 engines to their fleets.

For more information on the adding vehicles requirements, please review the Regulatory Advisory #14-1  or the Adding Vehicles FAQ.  


For more information about the Off-Road Regulation, please visit our website,
For questions regarding reporting or any of these upcoming deadlines, contact the DOORS Hotline at (877) 59-DOORS [(877) 593-6677] or by e-mail.

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