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Business Phone Calls - After Hours

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Thank you to all those who take time to participate in our surveys. CRA utilizes the information we gather to better serve you. If you have an idea for a survey for CRA members, please send your request to CRA at for consideration. This month, we surveyed members about their after hour business phone calls.
1. What type of rental business do you have?
General Rental: 46% (17 responses)
Party Rental: 27% (10 responses)
Both: 27% (10 responses)

2. Do you have employees on call 24/7?
Yes: 27% (10 responses)
No: 73% (27 responses)

3. Do you contact employees after hours via cell phone? 
Yes, they receive hourly compensation: 28% (7 responses)
Yes, they receive a bonus: 24% (6 responses)
No, we have a company policy that does not allow communication after hours: (48% 12 responses) 
Additional comments:
1. No written policy.
2. No.
3. Only if they screw up! 
4. Yes I have contacted them when they are off for something that I need clarity on that they may not have completed or communicated properly when they were at work.
5. Very rarely, no set policy.
6. They contact me (usually to say they are late or?).
7. Only to change hours or start times. 
8. We do very little phone calling after hours and not with customers. When we do talk after hours it is only with two people and do they do get extra special treatment.
9. Only Salaried EE’s.
10. Yes, we do and no compensation, all salary workers.
11. Sometimes? 
12. We also use an answering service.

4. Do you compensate employees for using their personal cell phone during business hours?
Yes, we pay a flat fee (please indicate the amount below): 28% (9 responses)
Yes, we pay the entire bill: 6% (2 responses)
No, we provide cell phones to use while at work: 41% (13 responses)
No, we do not use cell phones: 25% (8 responses)
1. $20. (7 responses)
2. They’re on them anyway, may as well use them for work at their expense.
3. All of my employees use their own cell phones to call customers, saying call into the office and we do not require that or need that. 
4. $50.00.
5. No.
6. 100.00.

5. Additional survey comments:
1. No comments.
2. Since we are a small business, our six employees are practically like family and we are all on our cell phones with each other constantly before and after hours about different jobs. I can see this is going to be a problem, isn’t it?
3. We do very little calling after hours and not with customers, just a couple employees and they do receiver extra benefits?fuel, gift cards.
4. Curious to see results of survey.
5. Great survey!

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