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Holiday Hours & Pay

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Thank you to all those who take time to participate in our surveys. CRA utilizes the information we gather to better serve you. If you have an idea for a survey for CRA members, please send your request to CRA at for consideration. This month we are interested in your holiday hours and pay. 

1. What type of equipment do you rent?
Party/Event: 24% (8 responses)
General Tool: 48% (16 responses)
Both: 27% (9 responses)

2. For the following holidays, indicate if you are closed, have special hours and if employees receive holiday pay.

Other (1 response): We are also closed the day after Christmas in honor of our patriarch’s birthday.

3. When a holiday falls on a weekend are employees paid for additional days?
Yes: 25% (8 responses)
No: 75% (24 responses) 
Additional comments (3 responses):
1. Only for Christmas and Independence Day, which change annually. Typically, they will get an extra paid day off that week rather than paying for extra days.
2. Depends on the holiday.
3. Or given additional comp day off.

4. Are special considerations given for rental item rates over a holiday?
Yes: 85% (28 responses)
No: 15% (5 responses)
Additional comments (7 responses):
1. Some yes. Other high probability of trouble equipment we discourage renting. Some items we decline.
2. No charge for the days we’re closed.
3. Out after 4pm, returned day following closure before 8:30am is a one day charge. Most items.
4. Only on days we’re closed.
5. One day charge for items out on closed days.
6. Case by case.
7. Depends on the item.

5. Do you take additional Security Precautions for the additional time you are closed over a holiday?
Yes: 39% (13 responses) 
No: 61% (20 responses)
Additional comments (7 responses):
1. We generally block the gates with heavy equipment.
2. Check, double check, everything put away, trucks in front of gates.
3. All equipment is moved inside the facility.
4. Used to on Halloween but not any more.
5. Nothing more than our normal security.
6. Block the gates with equipment.
7. Securing the physical perimeters of the yard by moving trucks over entrances, have drive by done by employees. 

6. Additional survey comments (1 response):
1. I have not been involved in the day to day operations of the business for some time now. I listed our policies when I was in charge.

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