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Tire Purchasing

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This month we are interested in tire purchasing. Here are the responses to the August survey.

1. What type of equipment do you rent?
Party/ Event: 21% (5 responses)
General Tool: 50% (12 responses)
Both: 29.17% (7 responses)

2. CRA is looking to put together a tire discount program. Would you be interested?
Yes: 100% (23 responses)
No: 0 responses
Both of the above: 0 responses
Additional comments:
1. Have a buddy that we get tires from, but would consider it.
2. If the price is right!

3. Do you use an outside service to change tires?
Yes: 78% (18 responses)
No: 22% (5 responses)
Additional comments:
1. Only on tractors and delivery trucks not in our yard. 
2. Sometimes, we have a tire machine and do most of it. 
3. On the road we do. 

4. Is the ability to purchase tires 24/7 important to you?
Yes: 42% (10 responses)
No: 58% (14 responses)
Additional comment:
1. Yes and No.

5. Do you purchase specific brands?
Yes: 33% (8 responses)
No: 67% (16 responses)
Additional comments:
1. Titan tractor tires.
2. Not specific for trailers. Usually BFG AT/TA for pick ups.
3. Hercules.
4. Not one brand specific. But based on quality.
5. Yes, but only because we are trying to match what is currently on the rest of the equipment.
6. We avoid off brands, preferring name brands (Goodyear, Bridgestone, Michelien).
7. Vehicle yes, trailers no.

6. Do you have a tire list that you would be willing to share with us to help marketing?
Yes: 36% (9 responses)
No: 52% (13 responses)
Additional comments:
1. I can list the sizes we use a lot of. 
2. We use America’s Tires for the smaller trucks. Other companies for the big trucks. Sizes vary LT235/85R16. Only size I have right now.
3. Send a list in later.

Additional survey comments:
1. I would like a survey regarding multiple locations and details regarding opening them. Like how far between stores, how they decided on a location, How they staff it, etc.
2. Since we deal in the LA basin, we use several tire services depending on the location of need. The majority of replacements are at our store and maybe a group buy would help if our servicing tire service would cooperate.

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