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How to Beat the Odds

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What are the odds of death by a particular event? The following statistics (2008) from the National Safety Council ( show the odds of dying from certain selected causes. 

• Motor vehicle incidents: 1 in 98
• Unintentional poisoning by exposure to noxious substances: 1 in 126
• Falls: 1 in 163
• Assault by firearm: 1 in 321
• Car occupant: 1 in 368
• Pedestrian: 1 in 701
• Accidental drowning and submersion: 1 in 1,103
• Exposure to smoke, fire, and flames: 1 in 1,344
• Air and space transport incidents: 1 in 7,178
• Exposure to electric current, radiation, temperature, and pressure: 1 in 12,420
• Exposure to excessive natural heat: 1 in 13,217
• Contact with hornets, wasps, and bees: 1 in 79,842
• Lightning: 1 in 134,906
• Bitten or struck by dog 1 in 144,899
• Flood 1 in 558,896

Source: National Safety Council estimates based on data from National Center for Health Statistics

Some of these statistics involve events that a person has no control over. But at the workplace, you can greatly improve the odds for life by taking control of the work environment and ensuring employees perform their jobs the right way every time. You can beat the odds by having an expert conduct a workplace hazard analysis to identify possible safety risks and recommend ways to correct them. For more information, please contact the CRA ProRental™ Insurance Program professionals of EPIC/Jenkins Insurance brokers for assistance at (800) 234-6363, or email us at

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