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CRA's Auto Parts Purchasing Program

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CRA recently began an Auto Parts Purchasing Program, which can save members on their purchases. Here are the results of a survey designed to inform members about this program and to get their feedback.

1. What type of equipment does your business rent?
General Rental Equipment: 48% (15 responses)
Party Equipment: 10% (3 responses) 
Both: 35% (11 responses)
Other (please specify): 6% (2 responses)
1. Scaffolding and lifts.
2. Dealer.

2. When it comes to equipment repairs, do you:
Do your own: 45% (14 responses)
Outsource: 0% (0 responses)
Both: 55% (17 responses)

3. Do you purchase auto parts?
Yes: 94% (29 responses)
No: 6% (2 responses)

4. Are you aware that CRA has a new group purchasing program for discounted auto parts designed to help you save money?
Yes: 45% (14 responses)
No: 55% (17 responses)

5. Have you tried our new Auto Parts Purchasing Program?
Yes: 21% (3 responses)
No: 79% (11 responses)

6. Are you happy with the program?
Yes: 100% (1 response)
No: 0% (0 responses)
Additional comment (1): To early to tell.

7. Would you like someone to contact you about CRA's Auto Parts Purchasing Program?
Yes: 44.44% (12 responses)
No: 55.56% (15 responses)
Additional comments (5):
1. Planning on using it as soon as my account is set up.
2. I buy oil and oil filters when they are on sale. We do the easy stuff. For major repairs we use a mechanic.
3. There is no O'Rielly's near our store.
4. Send email!
5. Love CRA programs.

8. Do you have any additional comments about CRA's Auto Parts Discount Program? (2 responses):
1. Thank you.
2. It is a great deal for our members.

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