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Construction and Technology
Source:  Common Ground Alliance 
The Common Ground Alliance (CGA) Technology Committee has released an annual Technology Report as a resource to help the damage prevention industry identify and understand the importance of technology used to prevent damages, protect assets, and increase overall safety.
Source:  Ontario General Contractors Association
Over the past two years, the OGCA BIM/VDC Taskforce has been consulting with industry experts on construction and design technology in construction. The purpose of this guide has always been for general contractors to gain a fundamental understanding of BIM and other construction design technology.
Source:  Trenchless Technology 
For the world of trenchless technology, we used to speak of AI technology in the future tense. No more. The future is now for AI use in the trenchless market, as it continues to integrate into several trenchless application segments.
Source:  Occupational Health & Safety
Real-time monitoring of conditions can protect workers and equipment from damage.
Source:  On-Site 
It’s ironic that construction, which sees more back-and-forth interaction between diverse players than perhaps any other industry, is considered a laggard when it comes to sharing information.
Source:  ConstructConnect 
As we’ve seen in the manufacturing industry, digital transformation promises to bring new levels of efficiency and performance. Contractors and designers that embrace these new technologies will be able to increase efficiently, develop more innovative solutions, improve safety outcomes, and provide better value to owners.
Source:  For Construction Pros 
Those who embrace technology will gain a competitive advantage, allowing for data-driven decision making, enhanced productivity, more efficient workflows and better customer relationships.
Source:  For Construction Pros 
While digital transformation offers the promise of greater efficiencies and productivity, adoption has been especially challenging for the construction industry.
Source:  For Construction Pros
Coaxing employees to use new tech tools is more about change management, understanding the processes as they stand, and what will change in each employee's day-to-day life once the software is implemented.
Source:  Money Week
The construction industry faces many challenges. New technologies from augmented reality and digitisation to exoskeletons and robotics can help solve them.
Source:  Construction News 
A third of contractors have no plans to buy into augmented reality (AR) technology, according to a survey by data analytics firm GlobalData.
While 55 per cent of companies were considering introducing the technology into their business in the next two years, the survey of around 150 construction companies found more than 30 per cent are not interested.