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Down Under Pipe and Cable

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Down Under Pipe and Cable Locating specializes in mapping and marking utilities that fall outside of the Ontario One Call system.  We cover both design and constructions areas.Down Under provides contractors and homeowners the utility marking necessary to complete their work with safety and confidence.  Preventing costly construction delays and ensuring their plans accurately reflect all utilities present.


Private utilities can be found on university campuses, in industrial areas and warehouse’s, on the properties of single and multi-family homes and shopping centres.  Down Under employs a variety of utility locating service tools and underground utility locating tools that provide safety, damage prevention and design conflict identification.  For the engineering community, manufacturing facilities, independent contractors, and government agencies.




Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)This method is used for locating embedded objects in concrete. Not unlike fishing sonar, images are bounced off objects and relayed to our technician’s computer screen, showing only the depth and width of objects. By utilizing such technologies, we can:

• Locate utilities in congested areas

• Locate lateral position and depth

• Detect metallic and non-metallic utilities

• Discriminate closely spaced utilities

• Locate Underground Storage Tanks and more…




Down Under provides contract locating services for public utilities, from peak shaving & over-flow to full contract services. We service Hydro commissions, Municipalities and utility companies with contract and support services for locates. Call us to find out how we can help you achieve higher efficiencies, reduce costs and achieve deadlines! NEED MORE INFO




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