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RFMA is now accepting proposals for education sessions at RFMA 2020 in Denver, March 8-10, 2020.

We invite proposals that:

  • Reflect innovation and cutting-edge content

  • Target either new, mid-career, or seasoned professionals

  • Stimulate and provoke discussion and audience engagement

  • Provide diverse approaches for different types of learners

  • Present evidence based on or supported by research

  • Use multimedia approaches to enhance attendee learning 

RFMA 2020 Session Proposals are due Monday, July 1st.

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Kason Industries
Federal Heath Sign Company
Federal Heath provides reliable and cost-effective maintenance for exterior signs and lighting. Our service programs are designed specific to each customer, creating the perfect fit for any requirements. We offer unparalleled, five-star customer service and fast response nationwide. For over 117 years companies have trusted us with their brand identity needs. All signs point to Federal Heath.
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Top Industry News
Nation's Restaurant News

Maine has become the first state to prohibit the sale and distribution of polystyrene foodservice containers, adding to the growing regulatory resistance to foam packaging.

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Facilitator magazine

Learn the road to a welcoming parking area that says "welcome" to your customers. The first step is finding an exceptional contractor.

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At a ceremony in Chicago, chefs, restaurateurs, and other hospitality world insiders gathered for what are considered by many to be the most prestigious awards in American hospitality.

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Steak ‘n Shake said, was to temporarily close restaurants in order to get them ready for sale. In a securities filing, the company revealed that it “temporarily” shuttered 44 units in the first quarter “until such time that a franchise partner is identified.” 

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Naylor Association Solutions
Protect-All Flooring
Fast Casual
Managers bear the brunt of the workload for restaurants, as they have to handle long work hours and a large group of employees. It's difficult to get a good manager, and replacing a lost one can be very costly.

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Retail & Restaurant Facility Business
Tropical Smoothie Cafe, LLC, a leading national fast-casual cafe concept, is opening the 750th location in its system on May 17, 2019 in Sugar Land, Texas. This major milestone showcases Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s rapid growth and sets the company one step closer to reaching its goal of opening 130 new cafes in 2019.

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The Restaurant Facility Management Association Vendor Marketplace is a tool used to search for products and services.

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