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We are just 18 days away from our Annual Conference in Austin, TX! We can’t wait to see you there!
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The Restaurant Facility Management Association is seeking Best Practice articles to be featured in our 2019 Aug/Sept Facilitator magazine. Do you have industry experience with any of the following topics?

2019 Best Practice Topics:
-Communication Barriers: Working with Operations & Facilities
-Concrete vs. Asphalt: Pro’s & Con’s
-Hot-Side Equipment Maintenance
-Landscaping Guidelines
-Mold Remediation: Water – Friend or Foe
-What will shut down your restaurant & How to Avoid It

RFMA 2019 Session Preview - Sounding the Alarm of Fire Risks Inside the Restaurant   

Speaker: David Eha (Restaurant Technologies)   
The easiest way to prevent fires and downtime for your business is ensuring cleanliness, especially around the kitchen and in the areas we can’t see. While managers are busy juggling front- and back-of-house responsibilities, it can be easy to lose track of the unseen dangers that lurk around every corner and don’t exactly demand attention the same way a displeased customer might. In this session, participants will learn failsafe ways to maintain kitchen cleanliness, specifically in regard to areas prone to grease buildup and fire, a cost breakdown of fire prevention and how to budget for these expenses. Participants will leave with a “Fire Prevention & Maintenance Calendar” packed with helpful tips to maintain a safe and clean back-of-house.
When: Tuesday, February 12th from 11:15AM – 12:00PM
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Federal Heath provides reliable and cost-effective maintenance for exterior signs and lighting. Our service programs are designed specific to each customer, creating the perfect fit for any requirements. We offer unparalleled, five-star customer service and fast response nationwide. For over 117 years companies have trusted us with their brand identity needs. All signs point to Federal Heath.
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The partial government shutdown, the longest in U.S. history, has crippled numerous federal agencies from the Food and Drug Administration to Homeland Security. 

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The rocker's JBJ Soul Kitchen, a Red Bank, New Jersey, community restaurant that allows people to pay what they wish for a meal, or volunteer there in exchange for food, is offering free meals for furloughed government workers and their families on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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Generation Z, whose oldest members are about 22, are really the first ones to grow up using social media, texting and streaming video to get information. For them, everything is visual; textbooks are an anathema. 

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The fight for skilled workers isn’t easing up any time soon. Here’s a peek into today’s labor landscape and what lies ahead.
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