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Our quick 30-minute webinars will cover important information that YOU need to know to prepare for RFMA 2019 in Austin next month! Exhibitors, click the link below to register today:
The Restaurant Facility Management Association is seeking Best Practice articles to be featured in our 2019 Aug/Sept Facilitator magazine. Do you have industry experience with any of the following topics?

2019 Best Practice Topics:
-Communication Barriers: Working with Operations & Facilities
-Concrete vs. Asphalt: Pro’s & Con’s
-Hot-Side Equipment Maintenance
-Landscaping Guidelines
-Mold Remediation: Water – Friend or Foe
-What will shut down your restaurant & How to Avoid It
Submissions are due February 1, 2019.

RFMA 2019 Session Preview - How the Nation’s Favorite Casual-Dining Restaurant Chain Uses Artificial Intelligence to Excel into the Future  

Speaker: Toni Kelly (The Cheesecake Factory Inc.)   
Restaurants spend billions of dollars to manage the complex process of maintaining their facilities. However, many of them still use decades-old, manual processes to analyze their spending and identify financial problems. Without the appropriate technology, brands are missing out on cost-saving opportunities and losing valuable customers. In this session, The Cheesecake Factory’s Associate Director of Development Accounting, Toni Kelly, will discuss how forward-thinking brands can use technology to become more timely, precise and streamlined with their finances. She will explain why using the right technology can help both small and large restaurants to reign in business expenses and push forward into the future.
When: Tuesday, February 12th from 11:15AM – 12:00PM
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Federal Heath provides reliable and cost-effective maintenance for exterior signs and lighting. Our service programs are designed specific to each customer, creating the perfect fit for any requirements. We offer unparalleled, five-star customer service and fast response nationwide. For over 117 years companies have trusted us with their brand identity needs. All signs point to Federal Heath.
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Here’s a jolt of good news to start 2019: After a strong December, the restaurant industry posted its best sales year since 2015, according to the latest Restaurant Industry Snapshot from TDn2K.

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Some food retailers are finding synergies between their prepared food offerings and the retail products they carry by focusing on unique opportunities for cross-promotion that enhance their overall brand image.

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The disposal boxes being added would let people get rid of needles, syringes and other sharp objects that could cut through a plastic trash bag and potentially cut someone. 

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Under the 80/20 standard, which the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) essentially scuttled in November, restaurants are required to directly pay servers a full minimum wage for non-tipped work that exceeds 20% of their overall shift time.
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