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We are happy to announce that our 7th Annual Buyer's Guide will be featured in our October/November Facilitator magazine. Every RFMA Member Vendor company will receive a FREE listing in the Buyer's Guide that will include:
- Company name
- Address
- Website
- Phone number
- Company description
- 5 vendor categories (vendor categories have changed!)
You must update all of your information by Friday, August 25th!

How do I update my Buyer's Guide listing information?
Visit rfmaonline.com and log into your Primary Vendor Member’s RFMA account with your username and password. After logging in, click on the “Edit” icon next to the Professional Information section on your profile.
**The Buyer's Guide information will be pulled from your Primary Vendor Member's Professional Information in their InSite profile.


Would you like to enhance your free Buyer's Guide listing?

Click here to view and purchase an enhancement to your listing.


RFMA is seeking editorial submissions for this issue on the topics below:
October/November 2017 (Buyer's Guide)

Focus: Capital Planning & Franchisee Focus
Topics: Drive-Thru Technology, Exterior/Interior Lighting & Signage, Handyman Programs, Preventative Maintenance-Cyclical Services, Waste Management, Winterize Plumbing
Editorial Due: August 18th

Questions? Contact Heather at heather@rfmaonline.com.


Join us for our RFMA Gives 2018 Volunteer Day at our project recipient, The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center in Phoenix, AZ.
When: Saturday, September 23rd from 8am-4pm
Where: The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center


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RFMA Tip of the Week

Pie Five Pizza Co. made its name by revolutionizing the way pizza is ordered, prepared and enjoyed. Now, the fast casual concept known for its customizable pizzas made on-the-spot with unlimited toppings for one price is shaking things up again.

Federal Heath
Fast, reliable, and cost-effective maintenance solutions for your exterior signs and lighting. With a company history of 115 years and counting, we’ve got you covered for all of your nationwide, multi-site repair needs. All signs point to Federal Heath.
Top Industry News

To date, Lennys has 57 active remodeling projects taking place in its 95-unit system. Some are being constructed, several are being evaluated, and a select number are completed. Forty-five additional stores are in the pipeline for 2018.

ADT Security Services
Protect-All Flooring

Nation's Restaurant News
Chains face higher building costs as wages for plumbers and contractors rise.


Nation's Restaurant News
While there’s obviously a great deal of interest in the subject, I think it’s a little early to say exactly how robotics will impact our business in the long term. 

Your Commercial Equipment Support Partner
General Parts LLC
General Parts Group is your independent provider of commercial kitchen equipment repair, specializing in food-service equipment, HVAC and all forms of commercial refrigeration equipment. We offer a full range of services to support the entire life-cycle of your equipment including repair, installation, planned maintenance as well as O.E.M. parts distribution.
Upcoming Events

Restaurant Hospitality
Kim Bartmann’s restaurants in Minneapolis will be adding a 3 percent surcharge to bills to pay for health insurance for employees.


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