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Friday, November 18, 2022

APCO received final approval from the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) for publication of the following standards:

  • APCO ANS 1.103.3-2022 Wireless 9-1-1 Deployment and Management of Effective Practices Guide. The revision and redesignation of this standard provides emergency communications center management with a better understanding of the wireless 9-1-1 technology application assisting them to better manage wireless calls. Read more
  • APCO ANS 3.111.1-2022 Detecting Early Warning Symptoms of Stress in Public Safety Telecommunicators. This ANS is intended to equip industry stakeholders, both individuals and emergency communication centers alike, with the tools and perspectives necessary for a proactive approach to detecting and mitigating the stress-related challenges indicative of the job of the public safety telecommunicator. Read more
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Seats are available for the online Comprehensive Quality course providing the information and resources to create a successful comm center quality assurance program. This course covers how to create a quality assurance and improvement program that's built on sound theory and best practices that allows a focus on employee accomplishments while also addressing quality concerns. Resources are provided, including access to model policies and templates on call handling quality assurance. The course is worth 16 CDEs. Upcoming course dates: 11/30/22 - 1/10/23 | 1/11/23 - 2/14/23


The Conference and Exposition Committee (CEC) seeks a Host Committee Chairperson for APCO 2024 taking place August 4-7, 2024, in Orlando, Florida. We are currently accepting nominations; you can find complete information regarding the requirements for a nomination on PSConnect or contact the CEC Chair, Kim Ostin. Please submit your complete nomination to Kim D. Ostin, CEC Chair. The deadline for submission is December 1, 2022.

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Industry News
Fox 5 Atlanta
Officials say the improvements will allow public safety telecommunicators to lower response times by reducing the number of non-emergency calls on emergency lines.
The Rogersville Review
As part of its bid to increase staffing, the county increased starting hourly pay from $13 to $15.
WBZ News Radio 1030
Assistant Supervisor Abigail Rider determined within 47 seconds of receiving the emergency call that the man was suffering a cardiac arrest and she talked his wife through CPR.
Telecommunicator Mike Smith responded to a call that a woman was not breathing by guiding the woman’s husband through CPR as emergency medical personnel sped toward the scene.
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Training Schedule Update
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