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Friday, August 26, 2022

On August 22, APCO and other members of the Public Safety Next Generation 9-1-1 Coalition sent a letter to Senate leadership, urging passage of legislation to provide at least $15 billion for NG9-1-1. The letter noted that funding legislation passed the House of Representatives with strong bipartisan support and requested prompt, bipartisan action in the Senate. Fully funding NG9-1-1 is essential to ensure ECCs nationwide have the tools they need to protect and save lives.

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Before emergency medical services could arrive, Anita Sprague conveyed instructions for the successful delivery of a baby in what her director called a “chaotic scene” in the mother’s driveway. The delivery was also complicated by being an en caul birth, meaning the baby was born still inside the intact amniotic sac.
The county administrator said the emergency communications center has been operating at 50% staffing since 2020, and telecommunicators will see $6,000 pay hikes thanks to the county council’s action.
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The contract provides 3,700 handheld radios and upgrades for 20 broadcast towers.
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Telecommunicators say the Prepared Live app allows telecommunicators to see what a smartphone on scene can see so first responders know what they will encounter.

APCO International is pleased to announce that it closed this week on the purchase of a three-acre tract of land immediately north of APCO’s headquarters in Daytona Beach, Florida. This additional land purchase that was unanimously approved by the Board of Directors would enable APCO to further grow its campus if needed beyond the expansion of the existing building as previously announced in June. APCO has no current plans to build on the new site, but the land acquisition will ensure APCO has the future capacity for headquarters to remain in Daytona Beach. Staff operations have been centered in this region of Florida since the 1970s and at the existing Williamson Blvd location since 2000. Moreover, property values in the vicinity have been appreciating, so minimally, APCO’s cash purchase of this adjacent parcel should yield positive investment returns. Meanwhile, APCO remains debt free with healthy reserve funding.


Now accepting applications through October 15 for APCO’s Certified Public-Safety Executive (CPE) Program for the program beginning in January 2023. The CPE Program will help you to develop the necessary skills to lead public safety agencies now and into the future. Additional information including applicant requirements is available on the CPE Program page.


APCO's Crisis Negotiations, 2nd Edition, course builds on all the skills of basic telecommunicator training with the specific goal of diving deeper into the nature of crises, their progression and the most effective way to receive and process calls. The course provides an overview of crisis negotiations looking at the unique concerns related to hostage situations, barricaded subjects and persons with suicidal intent. Worth 8 CDEs. Available in-person, online or in the APCO Virtual Classroom.
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