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Friday, July 16, 2021

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The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in the ECC course addresses how perceptions affect employees’ interactions and explores interventions to counter biases, microaggressions and other negative workplace behaviors. This is a two-day live course designed to benefit ECC directors, managers, supervisors, CTOs and training coordinators and is also open to those interested in fostering high-performing inclusive ECCs. The DEI course will be held Aug. 31 – Sept. 1 at GPSTC in Forsyth, GA. Applications are accepted through July 30.

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August 31 | 1:00-2:00 p.m. ET
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Accurate location data is no longer good to have, it is a must-have for first responders and public safety departments. Arriving at the correct address not only helps save the life of the caller but also helps keep our first responders safe and motivated. OHF’s presentation is directed at 9-1-1, dispatch, and all first responders including fire department and law enforcement personnel, GIS analysts at public agencies, and other emergency services affiliates.

The focus of the topic is to highlight the current challenges and the future of location data as it pertains to public safety use cases. 

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The Crisis Intervention Techniques and Call Handling Procedures for Public Safety Telecommunicators candidate standard is now open for the second public review and comment period until July 18. This standard will identify training requirements for handling calls involving emotionally distressed individuals. The standard will include:

  • Procedures for effectively recognizing and communicating with individuals in emotional or mental crisis.
  • Resources that need to be available to the telecommunicator handling the call.
  • Processes for debriefing telecommunicators.
  • Continuous process improvement.

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Industry News
By Michael A. Scales, AFC Coordinator and retired Communications Administrator/COML
Public safety employees (law enforcement, fire, EMS and communications) have always been held to a higher standard. That statement is more evident today than in the past. As such, communications has not always been considered front line public safety but the unsung voices, faces and, a lot of times, heroes of public safety. We in the communications center and field are now being recognized as public safety front liners and are in the news because of the efforts of our lawmakers. We are actively in the public eye.
Heart attack victims are more likely to survive the sooner they can receive CPR, and trained telecommunicators can make that happen faster by instructing bystanders.
Yahoo! News
Public safety telecommunicator Kelley Hanson described how the girl gave detailed information over the phone that helped save members of her family and police who responded to the emergency.
Communications Director James Soukup said Automated Security Alarm Protocol resulted in 1,200 fewer calls for the emergency communications center in the first month.
Watson Consoles
Spectrum News 1
Technology making it easier to dial 9-1-1 is also making it easier to trigger accidental calls, and public safety telecommunicators in Carollton, Texas, are receiving several accidental calls each day.
Public safety telecommunicators are asking people to shut off the auto call option on their iPhones settings.
ABC 7News
Cleo Subido, interim director at the Office of Unified Communications, said that about a dozen calls had been diverted from police to mental health experts and she hopes to see the number grow in the future.
TC Communications
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