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Friday, September 4, 2020

The Public Safety Next Generation 9-1-1 Coalition consists of APCO and major national law enforcement, fire and EMS associations. Working together, the coalition has developed key principles and associated legislative language to promote the passage of a significant federal grant program that would best serve the needs of public safety professionals across all disciplines. Core concepts include promoting fully interoperable, non-proprietary, innovative and secure solutions as part of a $15 billion grant program. Read the press release and visit the website.


Workplace bullying and negativity can be detrimental to any workplace, but especially at an emergency communications center. This online course addresses what constitutes bullying, the impact on workplace operations and provides tools to combat issues affecting your comm center. The next class begins on October 7. Register


Due to high demand, more sessions of APCO Institute’s newest course, Fundamentals of Tactical Dispatch, have been added to our training schedule, including an additional online course starting September 30. Register
Future dates are also available. 

Comtech Safety & Security Technologies
Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure
Astronics Test Systems  - Orlando
Industry News
Maverick Cochran Maverick remained calm and cared for his younger brothers while he told the Portland, Tennessee, public safety telecommunicator necessary information, including that his mother is a Type 1 diabetic.
New York State
New York's Local Emergency Management Accreditation Program is the nation’s first state-level accreditation program for local emergency management agencies.
Block Club Chicago
Public safety telecommunicator-in-training Daniel Torrez married Vesna Torres after they searched without success for a more typical venue for their wedding.
Becky Goodhart noticed during her stay at a campground that someone needed help, so she called for help and began CPR. By the time an ambulance arrived, the victim’s pulse and breathing had been restored.                                                                                    
A power outage temporarily knocked out 9-1-1 and non-emergency phone systems.
The Northern Virginia Daily
The 34,000-square-foot, $8.78 million building, paid for primarily through asset forfeitures and similar funds, will include an emergency communications center with room for eight consoles.
Public safety telecommunicators will enjoy room for 51 operating positions, 20 more than at the current building. The center also has living quarters for workers to stay overnight during bad weather events, a kitchen, quiet room, break rooms and an exercise room.
FastCommand, a disaster communication specialist, provides weather updates through the hospital’s durable website banner and online communication boards in case the phone system fails.
Watson Consoles
Fort McCoy Public Affairs Office 
Telecommunicators at the U.S. Army base in Wisconsin explained how their jobs have changed but also remained the same during the pandemic.
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