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Friday, July 17, 2020

The Emerging Technology Forum is back October 8-9 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Leaders in emergency communications come to the Tech Forum to hear firsthand the latest developments on NG9-1-1, cybersecurity, FirstNet, location accuracy and other major issues. The Forum encourages interaction among attendees and speakers and provides opportunities for vendors to give live demos of software and equipment. Register now


APCO’s latest online course, Cybersecurity Fundamentals for the ECC, delivers information that all ECC practitioners need to know to safeguard their ECC. Taught by cybersecurity experts and ECC professionals, the course covers the anatomy of a cyberattack, signs of an ongoing cyberattack and mitigation techniques. Attendees will also learn how to prepare for and respond to a cyberattack, and the type of data to retain for post-attack analysis. The tuition is $249 for APCO members; $289 for non-members. For more information

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For people with hearing or speech disabilities and those unable to speak to public safety telecommunicators during emergency calls, the text option can be a life saver.
Less than 5% of Broward County Sheriff’s Office deputies have tested positive for the disease since March and two have died.
The $6 million bond issue passed overwhelmingly and will upgrade the unreliable 25-year-old system.
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Robert Goldstein, of Fox Point, Wisconsin, passed away July 13 at the age of 92. He was an APCO Chapter Life Member and had been a member of APCO International since January 1965. He joined the Wisconsin Chapter Executive Committee as Chapter Secretary in 1978, became first vice president in 1982, vice president in 1983 and chapter president in 1984. Mr. Goldstein also served as the frequency coordinator to the chapter.
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The new emergency communications center came in under its $3.6 million budget; emergency communications equipment is also being upgraded countywide.
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The $1.30 monthly charge was enabled by Arkansas’ Public Safety Act of 2019 to support 9-1-1. Officials expect the extra revenue to make the Garland County and Hot Springs emergency communications systems self-supporting.
Officials want to reduce the time that CPR instruction begins during 9-1-1 calls from as long as six minutes to 90 seconds, giving victims a better chance of survival.
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