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Friday, June 26, 2020
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Registration is now available for online classes scheduled through June 2021. Public safety communications professionals of all levels will find something that will help them reach the next professional level. View online courses.

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Four agencies have implemented the APCO Institute Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) Program. With APCO EMD certification, the agencies' personnel are now specially trained to provide medical assistance to callers while emergency responders are en route. The agencies are:

Public safety agencies use the APCO International Agency Training Program Certification as a formal mechanism to ensure their training programs meet APCO American National Standards (ANS). Initial and continuing training for public safety telecommunicators is important as they provide essential services to the public in an expanding and rapidly changing environment.
Mission Critical Communications
Several 6 GHz microwave equipment vendors said interference in the band is inevitable under new FCC rules.  AT&T and Edison Electric Institute (EEI) have also challenged the FCC decision in the U.S. Court of Appeals.
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RCR Wireless News
The Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau asked state and local governments for estimates of how many calls were affected and how the outage affected first responders and emergency communications centers.
For four years, Madison Dragonas of the Lyon County (Kansas) Emergency Communications Center had the privilege of dispatching and working with her father, Sgt. DJ Dragonas, of the Emporia Police Department.
The Grant Tribune Sentinel
The new Perkins County (Neb.) ECC has added five public safety telecommunicators. Sheriff James Brueggeman said hiring was easier for these positions than it traditionally had been.
10 News
After working on the system for two years, the text-to-911 capability was launched earlier in June. Officials recommend texting 9-1-1 only if a phone call is not possible.
Wicked Local
A grant application, challenge coins, photos of the center and COVID-19 pandemic information are among the items sealed behind one of the walls of the new facility.
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