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Friday, February 7, 2020

Today APCO filed a Petition for Clarification, requesting that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) provide clarity on the location information wireless carriers must provide with 9-1-1 calls made from indoor locations.

Last November, the FCC established rules that will require carriers to provide an estimate of the caller’s altitude information – such as “149 meters height above ellipsoid” (a technical measure of altitude that differs from height above ground level or sea level) – and in some cases the floor level – “5th floor.”  

With this Petition, APCO asks for the FCC to clarify several aspects of the rules so that emergency communications centers can raise appropriate concerns with the carriers and FCC in the event that carriers are not meeting the 9-1-1 location accuracy requirements. 


This new course provides a basic overview of the critical information that all ECC employees should know – from surfing the internet to being aware of key indicators in email for possible phishing attempts. The course also provides several resources for creating an Incident Response Plan and what to do if your ECC experiences a cyberattack. More


APCO is seeking panelists for Nexus, an innovative new event coming May 21-22, 2020, to Washington, D.C. Please apply if you are:

  • A public safety professional with expertise or first-hand experience dealing with a major incident or other complex response for an emergency communications center, or
  • A technologist who can describe how NG9-1-1 and other innovations can improve emergency communications and response.

Deadline to submit your proposal is February 24, 2020. 


February 27, 2020 | 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. ET
Free for members; $59 for non-members

During this webinar, you will learn about the AHA T-CPR recommendations and performance measures that will aid your efforts to establish and maintain a high-performing T-CPR program in your center, realizing your objective of improving cardiac arrest survival in your community.  Register now.

Sponsored by RQI, Resuscitation Quality Improvement


Due to high demand, the APCO Institute has added two new Registered Public-Safety Program (RPL) courses beginning on March 18. Learn more and apply.

The deadline for applying for a scholarship for the Certified Public-Safety Executive Program (CPE) is February 15, 2020. Apply for a CPE Scholarship.

The deadline for applying for APCO's general scholarships, which cover all APCO Institute courses as well as the Registered Public-Safety Leader (RPL), is March 31. Apply for a general scholarship.


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Comtech Safety & Security Technologies
Zetron, Inc.
Industry News
Prince Albert Daily Herald               
Saskatchewan, Canada, public safety employees receive help with depression, anxiety and PTSD during online sessions and can communicate with a therapist via text messages and phone calls.
Royal Oak Tribune                                         
Terri Murray, a former veterinary technician, helps out with the animal emergencies that crop up in her service area by finding them a good home or taking care of them herself. She is one of three finalists for the Collin Rose Memorial K-9 Safety Award.
10 Daily
Emergency medical dispatchers Down Under never know what they’re going to get next. Their strategy is keeping calm and being persistent.
Lisa Forgach, a public safety telecommunicator with the Heights Hillcrest Communications Center in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, was honored for instructing a woman’s grandson, over the phone, how to perform CPR. The fire chief who presented the award said the 9-1-1 system was "the first link in the chain of survival" in EMS.
Bristol Herald Courier
Rookie is a Labrador-pitbull puppy whose owner couldn’t afford to take care of him. The dog, who lives in the dispatch center, can help comfort dispatchers who have to deal with stressful, emotional calls. He is also being trained as a therapy dog and will serve as an ambassador for 9-1-1.
Kern Valley Sun
A new bill championed by California Assemblymember Rudy Salas and co-authored by Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez, a former EMT, will reclassify and recognize the efforts of public safety telecommunicators as first responders. Salas said the bill "ensures that brave women and men who are working as dispatchers are properly acknowledged for their work."
Efficient Gov
A 2019 study explores the perceived changes family members and close acquaintances notice throughout a public safety telecommunicator’s career.
Oscoda Press
The new service will be useful to people who are deaf or hard of hearing, victims of a domestic violence situation or whose service is too poor to allow a phone call.
Fox 42
Michelle Hatch described the emergencies, triumphs and tragedies during her 20-year career in the Douglas County Dispatch Center (Neb.). She says that knowing that she is making a positive impact in the world helps her during the worst moments.
PlanIt Schedule
Times Virginian
Telecommunicators at Appomattox County Public Safety Services (Va.) received emergency medical dispatch certification. Now they can make every second count during an emergency by giving medical assistance during an emergency call.
After countless calls, police had enough of the false reports and they charged a 45-year-old man with misuse of the emergency system.
Agencies can take advantage of the reach of social media, especially during disasters that may result in phone systems being overwhelmed.
The Daily News
“I hung up my headset after 30 years,” said Steve Robinson of the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office (N.Y.). During his career, Robinson witnessed many changes, including the computerization of the emergency communications center.                       
Michigan State Police said no calls were missed after a telephone carrier had a glitch that caused a 9-1-1 service outage across most of the state. Employees in the emergency communications center are trained to alert the local television station to get the word out about other numbers available to the public.
The Maryville Forum
Maryville, Nodaway County, Missouri and Northwest Missouri State University will combine dispatch services in a new facility with the help of a mobile device fee authorized by state law.
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