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Friday, January 17, 2020

APCO's new event, Nexus, is an interactive experience of diverse scenarios handled like they will be in the emergency communications center of the future. Attendees will be immersed in situations such as a multi-jurisdictional structure fire, with a focus on the communications between telecommunicators and responders. The scenarios are designed to analyze emergency response, comparing what a current response looks like to what will be possible with next generation technologies.

We invite you to attend this exclusive event taking place May 21-22 in Washington, D.C. Participation is limited and registration is now open.


Register for this free webinar and learn all about the Standards Development Committee. Attendees will learn about the history of the committee, the process by which standards are created and who should be using them, specific examples of how standards have helped agencies overcome challenges and how you can get involved in the process. Participation in this webinar is free and worth one CDE. Register now

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Industry News
Weber Area Dispatch 911 & Emergency Services District, Utah, has received Agency Training Program Certification, a Project 33® Initiative, from APCO. 
The Herald-Palladium
“You kept me calm through the whole thing,” Ron Weaver told police and public safety telecommunicators during an awards ceremony where they were recognized for their life-saving efforts. Weaver had flipped his car while traveling through Lake Township (Michigan) and ended up trapped upside down in a flooded ditch.
FOX Montana
A public safety telecommunicator guided a family through CPR on a baby who was not breathing as medical responders were dispatched to the scene. The writer who reached out to the telecommunicator for comments reported that she immediately asked "did that baby make it?" (answer: yes), noting that the telecommunicators often don't get closure to an incident they may be very involved in.
Nuisance calls that take up time and staffing include those where parents want to scare their kids or teach them a lesson, partners who call during a non-dangerous argument with their partner to make a point, kids calling 9-1-1 and hanging up, and mentally ill persons who call 10-20 times in a day but really need social services not public safety. 
Suwannee Democrat
Suwannee County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office telecommunicators Brittany Wheeler and Taylor McCathern were named 2020 Dispatchers of the Year by the Florida Sheriffs Association. The pair were described as “quick-witted, resourceful and diligent” in finding and saving the life of a man attempting to commit suicide.
Coeur d’Alene/Post Falls Press
Kootenai County Central Dispatch Center systematically answered calls, calmed callers and directed officers in and around the area of a shooting at the July 4 fireworks display in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Public safety telecommunicators on duty that night won the Idaho Public Safety Communications Team of the Year Award for their response.
The Examiner
Heather Fox won the Dispatcher of the Year Award from APCO's Atlantic Chapter. In addition to her expertise in responding to calls, Fox trains new telecommunicators and presents the county's "911 for Kids" program.
Efficient Gov
Rebuilding telecommunicators' passion for their jobs, modeling a good attitude and focusing on the people over the technology goes a long way toward keeping comm center employees engaged.
Independent Tribune
State and federal funds are supporting conversion to NG9-1-1, ESInet, new ECCs, and radio and dispatch upgrades.
A new medical protocol system has  been implemented by the Muscatine County Joint Communications Center (Iowa) that will enable dispatchers to accurately assess each emergency situation and send the best possible response.
NBC 12
A day after receiving a 9-1-1 text for an active shooter, telecommunicators in the Henrico County (Virginia) Emergency Communications Center described how the program works. They also said determining texters’ locations is the most difficult challenge with the system.
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