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Friday, October 11, 2019

Stress is a known issue within public safety communications. As emergency communications evolve, more and more agencies, both traditional and non-traditional, are exposed not just to the trauma of a phone call but now CCTV, videos, pictures and text. This standard will provide agencies with recommendations and requirements for identifying and mitigating the early warning symptoms of stress in public safety telecommunicators. You do not have to be an APCO member to participate in this group. If you or anyone you know is interested, please sign up.


FirstNet, Built with AT&T, will provide an update on the ongoing LMR to LTE transition in the public safety industry. The many benefits associated with implementing LMR to LTE will be discussed as well as the variety of ways you can establish LMR to LTE push-to-talk. Additionally, new products that can make the LMR to LTE transition easier for agencies operating any type of radio system will be highlighted.  Free for members; worth one CEU.

LMR to LTE: Best Practices to Ensure Ongoing Public Safety Interoperability
November 20, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. ET
Sponsored by FIrstNet, Built by AT&T


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Industry News
APCO filed a Project Initiation Notification to reaffirm APCO ANS 1.116.2-201x Public Safety Communications Common Status Codes for Data Exchange. The revision and re-designation process occurs every five years for all American National Standards. This ensures that all standards are up to date with current trends in operations, training and technology.
Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise
Communication systems manager Justin Beaver from the city of Shawnee (Oklahoma) has been named the state’s 9-1-1 Technology Person of the Year.
San Juan Islander                                                                                                                 
Managing the complex rescue of a hiker who had fallen down a bluff into the water in a remote location at night won the San Juan County Dispatch Team the 2019 Washington State Telecommunicator Team of the Year award.
16 ABC The News Station
“We probably wouldn't have woken up” said Lori Masi. Public safety telecommunicator Haleigh Powers awoke her when a home security alarm warned of rising levels of the deadly gas.
Times Leader                                                                                                             
The grant will help defray the costs of a $20.7 million project to replace the county’s 20-year-old analog system.
GetWireless, LLC
Fox 42
The Emergency Call Tracking System will measure how many calls, their duration and the speed at which calls are answered. It will also track circuit routing and how often calls are transferred.
Waco Tribune-Herald
Public safety telecommunicators Kelsey Smith, Michael Blohm and Kim Thomas were recognized for their actions getting help to a convenience store employee who had been shot three times during a robbery. “They really did save his life” said Bellmead Interim Police Chief Danny Smith.
5 News
Fayetteville Police Department Central Dispatch Center telecommunicators field about 120 calls a day with the call total rising by 30 to 50 during severe weather events. They say the key is to maintain your cool in a stressful job.
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