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Friday, September 13, 2019

Can you think of a time when one or more of your teammates went above and beyond the call of duty? Nominate them for the Teammates in Action recognition, which recognizes an act or action that made a difference during a single incident. More


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Industry News
After an Oregon girl reported the theft of her new bicycle to 9-1-1, telecommunicators started up a collection to replace it. They replaced it with same model bicycle and bought her a heavy duty lock to prevent future theft.
News 2 ABC
Telecommunicator Nicole Talman answered the call from a father whose 1-year-old son had fallen into the pool and was not breathing. Talman explained the steps for CPR, which the father performed until emergency medical crews arrived.                    
Telecommunicators link firefighters with other staff, assure field crews are safe, follow flights over the forest and field calls from the public when fires erupt.
Telecommunicator Angela Marks received a frantic call about a home invasion and professionally relayed the information to police who apprehended the suspect.
As firefighters attacked a house fire, telecommunicator Ash Thompson told the woman trapped on the second floor to keep the door closed and stuff sheets under the door to keep smoke out while Thompson told firefighters where the woman was.
Residents can register information about their living situation, medical history and floor plans, and are able to communicate via text with 9-1-1.
Anne Boone noted the many changes in law enforcement and to her community that she has seen during her 35 years on the job.
Franklin County Free Press
Makenzie Cleary helped save a man’s life when she directed a woman whose husband was suffering an allergic reaction through the steps for CPR.
Arkansas Democrat Gazette
Rookie the shelter dog is now an emotional support dog for the Arkansas emergency communications center.
Fox 13
Each leaf on the tree represents a person saved by CPR using instructions from telecommunicators. It gives the telecommunicators a way to visualize their contributions to the citizens of Manatee.
Fire Chief
For the first time, fire departments will begin hiring 18-year-olds who were not yet born on the day of the September 11, 2011, terrorist attacks when 343 firefighters were among those killed. It will be difficult for these members to fully comprehend that day, so the profession must do everything it can to prepare them appropriately.
NewsCenter 1
Many area responders, such as police officers, firefighters, highway patrol and public safety telecommunicators, expressed that helping the community is their passion. “I like to be that calm voice on the other end of the line, and it’s just knowing you can be there for somebody during their time of need,” said public safety telecommunicator April Olivas.
Trib Live
A passenger on Flight 93 called 9-1-1 as he passed over the county and told telecommunicator John Shaw that his plane was being hijacked.
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