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Friday, June 28, 2019

Bipartisan support continues to grow for the 911 SAVES Act, a bill that would appropriately reclassify public safety telecommunicators with other "Protective" occupations (as opposed to administrative/clerical occupations) in the federal Standard Occupational Classification. There are currently 87 sponsors in the House and 21 in the Senate. The bills have been referred to committees for consideration. APCO has met with the committee staff and is hopeful that the bills will continue to progress through the legislative process to committee votes in the House and Senate. 

APCO's advocacy portal remains open for contacting Senators and Representatives to seek support at As a reminder, the 911 SAVES Act is a fix to the federal government’s classification system. It does not directly impact state classifications. 


New Task Force Leads the Way for Young Professionals
The APCO Young Professionals Task Force is composed of public safety practitioners under the age of thirty-five and from all over the country who work together to enhance opportunities for young professional participation by helping build relationships and create awareness.

Leading the charge is task force Chairman Jonathan Jones, the 9-1-1 Operations Coordinator for Athens-Clarke County Police Department in Athens, Georgia.


APCO is looking for volunteers to assist in the development of new standards for crisis intervention techniques and call handling procedures for public safety telecommunicators. Many encounters with emotionally distressed individuals will not involve the threat of violence, although some callers do present a danger to themselves or others. This standard will identify training requirements for handling calls involving emotionally distressed individuals. Processes defined in this standard will support responder and citizen safety, as well as result in better outcomes for individuals and communities. 
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Volunteering is a great way to give back, be involved and meet other individuals in our industry. Not to mention it's a cost effective way for you to attend conference. Find out more

A sample of positions that still need to be filled:

  • Information Booth — Located in the convention center lobby, the booth provides attendees one-stop shopping for all information related to the conference. Volunteers here are provided a wide range of resources to answer any questions that might arise during the event.
  • Speaker Ready Room — This room is for professional development speakers to check-in, prep their presentation or relax.
  • Session Proctors — During professional development sessions, this role will scan badges and introduce the session speaker.
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The uptick in 9-1-1 calls in response to falls is being addressed with targeted social services.
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Public safety telecommunicators were part of the recognition ceremonies that gave the public a chance to meet first responders on a day of family fun.
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The 33,000 square foot complex will serve as police and fire headquarters and include the emergency operation center. 
The Government Accountability Office said that the move would disrupt emergency services and that there was little justification for the policy.
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The city and county added six new positions to a Resource Access Program that connects frequent 9-1-1 callers with the social services they need.
The roadmap is meant to prioritize investment and program decisions. It was arrived at following input from more than 15,000 public safety representatives.
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Lake City will pay $460,000 to regain control of its municipal computer systems. Hackers gained entry to the system when an employee clicked on a link containing malware.
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