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Friday, March 15, 2019

Thank you to the many thousands of you who have already sent a strong message of support to your U.S. Representatives for the 911 SAVES Act. Since the bill was introduced last week, several additional Representatives have signed on to support the bill. If you have not already, please use APCO’s Call to Action to contact your own Representative and share the link with others. 


Thanks to APCO's partnership with the Department of Homeland Security, we have been made aware of a cyber threat that could have an impact on your organization. 

From DHS: “Business email compromise (BEC) is a scheme in which cybercriminals send out targeted email messages to personnel with finance or resource roles within an organization in order to trick them into transferring funds to the cybercriminals.

Frequently, the BEC emails are made to look like they are from senior executives within an organization or trusted vendors to increase the urgency for victim individuals.”

On the cybersecurity section of APCO's website, you will find a white paper with detailed information on this scheme.


APCO recently interviewed past PSAP award winners who shared their experiences. Read now.


Learn how public safety telecommunicator Kaitlynn Rhude was able to calm an armed intoxicated male during a domestic incident, saving his life along with two others he was holding at knife point. Continue

Comtech Safety & Security Technologies
Hexagon Corporate Marketing
Industry News
York County Public Safety Communications, S.C., has received the Agency Training Program Certification, a Project 33® Initiative, from APCO International.
Hamilton County Emergency Communications District, Tenn., has received the Agency Training Program Certification, a Project 33® Initiative, from APCO International. 
Urgent Communications
The 9-1-1 telecommunicator community received some news last week that undoubtedly buoyed their spirits. A bill was introduced into the U.S. House that would give telecommunicators the recognition they richly deserve as an integral component of public safety and emergency response.
Oswego County News Now
Leaders are beefing up security infrastructure for large scale events in case of a major emergency including an emergency operations center, location coding and a geospatial information system.                      
While it’s unknown how many 9-1-1 calls were not received due to the outage, the center documented at least 10 callers who were unable to get through on 9-1-1 and had to access public safety personnel on a non-emergency line.
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