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Friday, November 16, 2018
On Thursday, November 8, APCO Executive Director Derek K. Poarch visited the Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, where he met with Bradley Library officials as well as APCO Illinois Chapter officials to view the APCO International Historical Collection and engage in discussions about the maintenance and long term funding of the collection housed at Bradley University.

Pictured (left to right): Derek K. Poarch, APCO International; Liz Bloodworth, Special Collections Assistant and Historical Consultant for APCO Illinois; Barbara Galik, Executive Director of the Bradley University Cullom-Davis Library; Charles Frey, Special Collections Librarian; Brent Reynolds, President of APCO Illinois
APCO applauds the work and coordination of JJ Evans and Molly Peterson, along with the entire communications platoon of the Chester County, PA, Department of Emergency Services who responded to a domestic call that turned deadly. APCO awards them the official Teammates in Action recognition for a job well done.
Molly Peterson, Chester County, PA,
Department of Emergency Service
JJ Evans, Chester County, PA,
Department of Emergency Service
EagleView Technologies
Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure
Industry News
The following agencies have met the minimum training standards for APCO's Agency Training Program Certification, a Project 33® Initiative, and have been awarded certification.
Broward County Sheriff’s Office
Marble Falls Communications
Spokane County 911
Digital radio technology will allow system upgrades to be installed when the user presses a button as prompted by a push notice.
Clayton County News-Daily Clayton County unveiled a state-of-the-art multi-million dollar communications center that includes communications and geopositioning upgrades, workstation improvements for telecommunicators and a public safety digital network that tracks and maps each vehicle.
The Daily Reporter A big decision regarding Branch County’s emergency communications is up in the air as officials decide how to proceed with upgrades.
government technology The company is giving 15 developers access to its 5G lab in Washington, D.C., to foster innovations for emergency telecommunications.
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