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Friday, September 21, 2018
In our profession, we often see examples of dedicated professionals going above and beyond the call of duty and the ProCHRT Committee wants to give recognition to those who deserve it. ProCHRT created the "Teammates in Action" program which allows anyone to nominate a teammate and tell us about how they went into action. Rather than award a body of work, this program recognizes an act or action during a singular incident. Overlooked far too often are the heroic actions taken daily by telecommunicators. This program hopes to bring these to light and give everyone a chance to recognize these daily actions. Learn more
The APCO Institute is now offering "Bullying and Negativity in the Communications Center" as an online course. If you  missed the chance to participate in the live version of the class, now’s your chance to experience it online. Registration is now open for classes that begin in December, January and February. Check the schedule to see additional dates for both online and live classes.
Begin your journey to executive leadership by applying now for acceptance to APCO’s Certified Public-Safety Executive (CPE) Program. Submit your application by October 15 to be considered for the next CPE class, which begins in January 2019. For more information, contact CPE Program Coordinator Timothy Scanlon at (386) 944-2486.
Jim Acosta of the CPRA-Southern California Chapter of APCO was sworn in by APCO International President Holly Wayt as the newest Western Regional Representative to the Board of Directors ahead of the September 15, 2018, Board meeting at APCO’s offices in Daytona Beach, Fla. Mr. Acosta was elected by his regional Executive Council peers to fill a vacancy created by the election of Margie Moulin to the post of Second Vice President.
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With the progression of CAD technology, we will no longer have to imagine a future where officers and EMS teams are better prepared. We can live it and benefit from it.
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APCO International has filed a Project Initiation with ANSI and has issued a call for workgroup members to participate in the creation of an ANSI standard that will provide communications center stakeholders and management with requirements for a CISD Program specifically geared towards identifying and assisting public safety telecommunicators in a next generation environment.
Google The service will deliver more accurate and rapid location information from Android phone users to emergency centers.
The Mount Airy News Stephanie Conner was recognized for achieving the Certified Public-Safety Executive certification from APCO International.
The Virginia Gazette A woman’s father survived after telecomunicator Sara Mattingly talked her through the life-saving procedure until a deputy sheriff, who Mattingly dispatched, arrived on the scene to take over the rescue.
Blue Mountain Eagle An intergovernmental agreement approved last month lays out plans for the county, eight cities, one community and three fire districts.
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