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Friday, September 07, 2018
Head to Anaheim on September 20 to gain first-hand knowledge about how to defend against and respond to a cyberattack. Learn what it takes to achieve fully-deployed NG9-1-1 capabilities and experience simulations, scenarios and exercises designed to translate learning topics into practice that you will take back to your agency. Attendees can earn up to six CEUs towards your professional development goals. For more information 

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Begin your journey to executive leadership by applying now for acceptance to APCO’s Certified Public-Safety Executive (CPE) Program. Submit your application by October 15 to be considered for the next CPE class, which begins in January 2019. For more information, contact CPE Program Coordinator Timothy Scanlon at (386) 944-2486.
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On September 5, CTIA announced that the four major wireless carriers will be adding new location-based tools, namely device-based hybrid (DBH) solutions, to existing wireless 9-1-1 location technologies by the end of this year. DBH solutions – similar to those used by popular commercial services, like ride-sharing and navigation apps – use a combination of technologies, like GPS and Wi-Fi, to deliver more accurate caller location, including indoors. According to the announcement, DBH solutions will be available wherever the wireless carriers offer coverage and will not require PSAPs to install new equipment, interface to new location service providers, or incur additional costs.
APCO has received a grant award in the amount of $30,000 from the Motorola Solutions Foundation. The grant is being administered through APCO’s Commercial Advisory Council (CAC) Scholarship Program, which makes scholarship funds available to public safety communications professionals who participate in APCO Institute training and attend an APCO International event.
RCR Wireless News After serving as FirstNet CEO for three years, Mike Poth has accepted a position in the private sector and will depart at the end of this month, according to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration.
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FOX31 Sheriff’s deputy Kate Morrissey escorted Tavian Bane and friends to their first day of school in a patrol car.
The Daily Chronicle Conflicts are erupting between cities and the county regarding governance of the emergency communications system. Low pay and high stress contribute to the difficulty of recruiting call takers, though telecommunicators at the Southwest Regional Communications Center in Texas also say the job is rewarding.
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