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Friday, August 31, 2018
While advances in technology increase the capabilities of emergency communications, they are also posing new threats. Cyberattacks and cybersecurity incidents are very real dangers to emergency communications centers. Are you prepared? Read about a recent attack on a Baltimore agency.

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We are looking for young professionals in the public safety communications industry to join our dedicated group of task force members. This task force will work to enhance opportunities for young professional participation by creating a platform to build relationships and to create professional awareness. Deadline to apply is September 10. For more information
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On August 24, the FCC’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau released its "2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season Impact on Communications Report and Recommendations," detailing impacts of the hurricanes on communications infrastructure, including 9-1-1, and actions taken by the FCC. The report also provided recommendations regarding future actions that stakeholders, including PSAPs, can take to improve the reliability and resiliency of communications systems. For example, the report recommended that "PSAPs should, where possible and feasible, prepare for an event by pre-arranging for 9-1-1 calls to roll over to secondary, and even tertiary sites, and pre-arrange for access to a mobile PSAP." APCO submitted feedback during the information-gathering period for the report, applauding the efforts of the public safety communications professionals, first responders, FCC staff and others that were on the ground, working to save lives and restore damage caused by the hurricanes.
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13 News Now Service will expand to 11,000 homes and authorities plan to provide broadband to 70 percent of the homes on the Eastern Shore of Virginia by 2021. The 13-year-old told a public safety telecommunicator that he regretted his actions but was arrested and charged with written threat to kill.
Anritsu Company Wayne County can access profiles that people create that include their addresses and medical information, and use a chat function to communicate with callers.
In response to outages caused by heavy rain, Brown County Public Safety Communications Director Cullen Peltier said telecommunicators switched to a backup system similar to walkie-talkies.
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