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Friday, April 27, 2018
APCO's Public Safety Broadband Summit is being held next Tuesday and Wednesday at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Arlington, VA. Recent updates to the program include an interview-style session with FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, a long-time champion of public safety issues and 9-1-1 professionals. View the program.
On-site registration will be available starting at 7:30 a.m.

Come for the Summit, stay for the Dinner! If you have not already purchased a ticket for the Leader's Dinner, you can buy one at the Broadband Summit registration desk until 1:00 p.m. Tuesday. Taking place on May 1, this elegant evening spotlights the award recipients and their commitment to the public safety communications community. Join us for this event.
We Asked, You Designed!
Thank you to everyone who participated in our conference T-shirt contest.

Our selection committee narrowed down the entries to the top three designs based on creativity and how they incorporated the conference host city (Las Vegas), APCO International, public safety communications and the 50th anniversary of 9-1-1. Now it's your turn to cast your vote and select the design you want to see printed on the back of the conference T-shirts. Vote now!

Voting is open until May 11, 2018. You can only vote once.
Jennifer Siracusa, Software Sales Coordinator
Jennifer Siracusa joined the APCO Institute staff in February as the APCO IntelliComm™ Software Sales Coordinator. In that role, she serves as the outside sales, training and customer support specialist for new and current APCO IntelliComm™ customers.

Prior to joining the APCO Institute, Jen worked in a PSAP for 14 years as a public safety telecommunicator, communications training officer and supervisor. She has taught numerous conference classes on the supervisory role in the PSAP and is the author of numerous articles on the PSAP environment.

She is married to a firefighter/paramedic and has a 10-year-old daughter and 26-year-old stepson.
EagleView Technologies
Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure
Industry News
government technology The network would be used to support emergency communication with the goal of bringing NG9-1-1 to under-served areas.
ABC7 Students from a Clifton high school promoted the legislation requiring all 9-1-1 call centers to accept emergency text messages.
The Michigan chapter of APCO kicked off Telecommunicators week by celebrating the 90th anniversary of police dispatch. The first continuous dispatch was April 7, 1928, in the city of Detroit. The participants in the celebration were Michigan APCO; The Southeast Michigan chapter of IEEE; Tin Lizzie Amateur Radio Club; the Belle Isle Conservancy; and sponsored by OnStar. The event was organized by APCO Historian Rich Rybicki, a retired Detroit Police Radio Technician.
RapidDeploy Locating the emergency so they can serve as first responders’ "eyes and ears" is the first order of business for public safety telecommunicators.
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