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Friday, March 03, 2017
U.S. Senators Nelson (FL) and Klobuchar (MN) released a draft bill, the "Next Generation 9-1-1 Act of 2017," to further deployment of NG9-1-1 services and enhance and upgrade the nation’s 9-1-1 systems. Senator Nelson is the ranking member of the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee, and Senator Klobuchar is a co-chair of the Congressional NextGen 9-1-1 Caucus. This draft bill addresses critical needs for the 9-1-1 community, and aligns with priorities APCO has long advocated, for accomplishing a full transition to NG9-1-1.

If you’re planning to apply for a scholarship to participate in APCO’s Certified Public-Safety Executive (CPE) Program, time is running out. Applications for the APCO scholarship program must be received by March 31. When completing your application, please be sure to select CPE as your program of choice.

In the meantime, we encourage you to begin the CPE Program application process here. The deadline for applying for CPE is April 15.

The program is open to anyone who: is a Registered Public-Safety Leader (RPL); or possesses an associate’s degree or above; or has a high school diploma and at least 10 years’ experience in public safety communications at the supervisor, manager or director level.

For National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week 2017, we're collecting your stories again and sharing them on the website. Tell us what it's like to be the one behind the console when that call comes in – the first first responder. In gratitude for your submissions and for all you do, we will enter all who submit a story by April 16 into a random drawing for one of five $20 Visa gift cards.

While you're on the website, be sure to check out the resources and tips we have made available to you.
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Farokh Latif, Director of AFC
Farokh Latif has a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and has been employed by APCO since January 2001. Prior to joining APCO, he was employed by the state of Florida as an electrical engineer, where he helped local, city and state governments with system design and implementation. He has been the director of AFC since July 2007. Farokh manages a staff of ten full-time professionals and oversees the largest volunteer committee at APCO. These volunteers are trained and supported by Farokh’s group on a daily basis. Farokh also manages a grant from the Department of Homeland Security in support of 700 and 800 MHz Regional Planning Committees (RPCs) and has overseen upgrades to CAPRAD system.

Farokh is currently the president of the Land Mobile Coordination Council, an organization of public safety, critical infrastructure, business/industrial and land transportation and wireless communication. Farokh also chairs the Public Safety Coordination Council (PSCC), which is an organization of FCC certified public safety coordinators.
Jesse Griggs received his formal electronics training in the U.S. Navy, where he was an aviation electronic technician. After he left the Navy, he went back to work with the Tennessee Department of Correction. Jesse held the following positions: correctional officer, correctional corporal, correctional sergeant, training specialist, radio communications technician 2, radio communications 3 and correctional program support coordinator- coordinator of communications and utilities. He retired with 37 years of service
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Industry News
Fox31 Denver Emergency dispatchers in Texas are credited with coordinating the rescue of someone "very much in danger." Through a series of 9-1-1 calls and text messages, dispatchers for the Seguin Police Department determined a woman was being held against her will in a moving vehicle.
FCC Blog It is unconscionable that some states divert fees collected for legitimate and needed 9-1-1 communications capabilities to unrelated purposes, threatening the public's safety for short-term budget relief. After almost fifteen years of working on the problem, we are no closer to resolving it. The appropriate policymakers must implement new measures to end this practice once and for all.
ABC 10 News A San Diego Fire-Rescue dispatcher and an 11-year-old Chula Vista boy were honored for their quick thinking in saving that boy's home from a fire.
MissionCritical Communications The FCC's Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau requested comment on the privacy and security plan for the National Emergency Address Database (NEAD) submitted Feb. 3 by NEAD and national wireless carriers AT&T, T-Mobile USA, Sprint and Verizon.
You have an opportunity to be part of a symbolic Thin Blue Line in the National Law Enforcement Museum, which is currently under construction in Washington, DC. As visitors enter the museum and proceed down to the mezzanine level overlooking the exhibit floor, they will be standing on a stunning glass bridge that contains a Thin Blue Line of special inscriptions from donors who have made a $1,000 Thin Blue Line gift.
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