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Friday, August 21, 2015
The 2015 APCO International Conference & Expo concluded Wednesday night with similar grand fanfare that accompanied the entire conference.
John Wright concluded his term as President of APCO International this week, saying it was an honor to hold the position.
Brent Lee was officially sworn in as President of APCO International Wednesday, making a point to thank his wife Penny in his opening remarks.
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Five representatives of the public safety entities that have funding and spectrum lease agreements with FirstNet to build wireless networks for first responders and PSAP’s gathered this week to give APCO Conference attendees some insight into the ongoing building process and the lessons learned so far.
The APCO outgoing President is given the opportunity to publicly recognize an individual or group who has provided a special service or contribution to the Association during the President’s term in office, and on Wednesday night John Wright chose to present two Presidential Awards.
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