Meet Our Adjunct Instructors: Debbie Gailbreath

Debbie Gailbreath, RPL, began her career in public safety in Indianapolis, where she worked at the Marion County Sheriff’s Department and the Indianapolis Police Department. In 1981, she moved to Florida and began her career in communications at the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office. She served as a call taker, dispatcher, training officer, supervisor and manager. She assisted with agency’s PSAP consolidation in 1996 and became the Communications Accreditation Manager in 2001. Debbie is a CALEA assessor and has a Master’s Degree in Adult Education/Curriculum Development. She is a past president of the Florida APCO chapter and is a past Gulf Coast Regional representative to the APCO board of directors. Since retiring in 2016, Debbie has worked with CALEA and APCO to create new online CALEA Accreditation Manager training. She has been an APCO Adjunct Instructor since 2009.