APCO Staff Spotlight

Farokh Latif, Director of AFC
Farokh Latif has a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and has been employed by APCO since January 2001. Prior to joining APCO, he was employed by the state of Florida as an electrical engineer, where he helped local, city and state governments with system design and implementation. He has been the director of AFC since July 2007. Farokh manages a staff of ten full-time professionals and oversees the largest volunteer committee at APCO. These volunteers are trained and supported by Farokh’s group on a daily basis. Farokh also manages a grant from the Department of Homeland Security in support of 700 and 800 MHz Regional Planning Committees (RPCs) and has overseen upgrades to CAPRAD system.

Farokh is currently the president of the Land Mobile Coordination Council, an organization of public safety, critical infrastructure, business/industrial and land transportation and wireless communication. Farokh also chairs the Public Safety Coordination Council (PSCC), which is an organization of FCC certified public safety coordinators.