Over the Wire - Tissue Edition


Goldenrod Corp.
Issue Spotlight
China is quickly approaching North America as the largest market

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The company has already ordered 18 EcoEc 1600 lines for Rudong in China

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It has already announced plans for a second machine to start up in for 2022

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Bonetti Company, Inc.
OMET Americas, Inc.
Tissue/Toweling Industry News
The company has also supplied five complete tissue lines to the German producer

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It happened at the Hygienalia Trade Show in Madrid in mid-November

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American Baler Company
Honeywell l Process Solutions
Once the Dafeng mill is sold, Double A will have no paper production facilities in China

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New Technologies
The improvements will lead to decreased changeover time and reduced risk

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Fabio Perini S.P.A.
Warehouse Specialist
CanAm Machinery Inc.
American Roller and Plasma Coatings