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Issue Spotlight
The $140 million investment is expected to generate 200 new jobs over the next five years

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Metsä Tissue Corp., Finland, reports that it is exploring new applications for its deinking sludge, working through Finncao Oy, a company founded in 1999 and acquired wholly by Metsä Tissue earlier this year

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The North American tissue division of SCA, Philadelphia, Pa., USA, is awarding environmental education grants totaling nearly $25,000 to schools and non-profit organizations in communities where its employees work and live

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Georgia-Pacific LLC, Atlanta, Ga., USA, will expand its forest protection and sustainability efforts with an updated policy to better identify and protect endangered forests in the U.S., promote conservation of forest diversity, and enhance its sustainable forestry and recycling practices

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Economic growth in the U.S. will continue in 2011, according to the nation’s purchasing and supply management executives in their Semiannual Economic Forecast this month

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Kerr comes to the Foundation from Andritz, where he spent the past 10 years in capital equipment sales

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From The Experts
Favorable market fundamentals of the tissue paper products industry in North America are enticing a wave of investments in the form of new greenfield projects and mergers and acquisitions activity

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Market Roundup
The October global pulp shipments data recently released by PPPC suggest that the underlying demand for market pulp continues trending lower

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Global sawlog prices have trended upward in almost all regions of the world for the past two years

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After a temporary drop in the second quarter, the Softwood Wood Fiber Price Index (SFPI) increased again in the third quarter to the highest level during the financial crises

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This year has been a very good year for the world’s producers of market pulp

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The new price will be $830 per metric ton, effective immediately for all new business

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Eka Chemicals, Sweden, the AkzoNobel Pulp and Paper Chemicals business, will increase prices across its entire European Paper and Bleaching Chemicals product range immediately, or as contracts permit

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Pricing for most Nalco programs will increase between 5% and 15%

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Tissue/Toweling Industry News
The anti-bacterial towel reduces bacteria on users’ hands and provides antibacterial protection for 30 min. afterwards.

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The mill will have an annual production capacity of approximately 444,000 metric tons.

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The line will be started up in the third quarter of 2011

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The brand is launching a new campaign asking consumers to have a straight conversation about their bathroom experience and what it means to have a "confident clean."

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PT Graha Cemerlang Paper Utama (Grace Paper), a member of Kompas Gramedia, Indonesia, will install a new Intelli-Tissue 2100 machine at its mill in Cikampek, Indonesia, some 80 km from Jakarta

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This technology will lower the mill’s total energy consumption by 11% and CO2 emissions by 14.5%

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Smagorinsky most recently served as CEO of New Jersey-based Schofield Stone, a privately held quarrier, fabricator, wholesaler, and retailer of natural stone products

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SCA, Sweden, reportedly has brought its new $240 million, 60,000 metric tpy Metso tissue machine online at the company’s greenfield mill in SagahĂșn City, Mexico

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The award was presented at Finforum 2010, an international market communications conference in Stockholm

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New Technologies
The new sensor provides simultaneous online measurement of fiber weight and moisture based on an infrared spectroscopic measurement

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